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1. Battlestar Abigor Lyrics

Battlestar Abigor Lyrics

A fallout force – a fatal vision Battlestar Abigor Decolour the universe in its purest shape Give birth to the constant of death Immortality and departure of the eternal stardust Reveal the eye of t

2. Emptiness Lyrics

Emptiness Lyrics

Abigor Miscellaneous Emptiness Hell is real - I feel its presence Staring with empty eyes Into an empty sky Nothing is here to feel I drift like a falling leaf The wind takes me i

3. Revealed Secrets Of The Whispering Moon Lyrics

Revealed Secrets Of The Whispering Moon Lyrics

Abigor Miscellaneous Revealed Secrets Of The Whispering Moon ...And so my mind is calm Ready for the darkest eons Candlelight caresses my eyes Incense smoke displaces soiled air Thi

4. Misanthrope Lyrics

Misanthrope Lyrics

Abigor Miscellaneous Misanthrope Hate - absolute and pure Existence in this mass is impossible To stand in their lines Is to fight amongst enemies I'm not human For they are called

5. Exhausted Remnants Lyrics

Exhausted Remnants Lyrics

Abigor Miscellaneous Exhausted Remnants Silent screams - Beaten and torn Sanctify - This life of scorn Innocence withdrawn in fear Night grows cold and twilight's near But the light

6. Hyperwelt Lyrics

Hyperwelt Lyrics

Abigor Miscellaneous Hyperwelt I slayed love disguised as fear And time itself touches my soul Satan - the fire still burns within my soul And with lifeless eyes I stare A way out b

7. Untamed Devastation Lyrics

Untamed Devastation Lyrics

Abigor Miscellaneous Untamed Devastation The limit is reached - untamed devastation Moving down every breathing entity Our wrath - our weapons are too real to ignore Mercy - a forgo

8. Universe Of Back Divine Lyrics

Universe Of Back Divine Lyrics

Abigor Miscellaneous Universe Of Back Divine The holy trinity is rotten All the saints are slain Religion is forgotten To the winged demon-lord we pray We will rule - If not now, th

9. Tu Es Diaboli Juna Lyrics

Tu Es Diaboli Juna Lyrics

Abigor Miscellaneous Tu Es Diaboli Juna My thoughts have never been this cold in life But never again I'll live and breathe amongst mortals You've summoned me once And my rise is yo

10. Ubique Daemon Lyrics

Ubique Daemon Lyrics

Abigor Miscellaneous Ubique Daemon On the path of immortality - I walk I am forever with the stars so plentiful and bright The gorgeous victory of sheer energy and matter This is my

11. Menschenfeind Lyrics

Menschenfeind Lyrics

Abigor Miscellaneous Menschenfeind Haß - absolut und rein Existenz in dieser Masse ist unmöglich In ihren Reihen zu stehen Heißt unter Feinden zu kämpfen Ich bin kein Mensch Den

12. Reborn Through The Gates Of Three Moons Lyrics

Reborn Through The Gates Of Three Moons Lyrics

Abigor Miscellaneous Reborn Through The Gates Of Three Moons I enter the gates Into the realm where nothing dies But I'm still so cold inside Mesmerized... By visions past and gone

13. Dornen Lyrics

Dornen Lyrics

Abigor Miscellaneous Dornen Wartend auf einen schmerzlosen Tod - Die Flammen der Hölle sind nichts Verglichen mit diesem Leben, Voll von wundenleckendem Licht, Umgeben von Grausamk

14. Celestial Lyrics

Celestial Lyrics

Abigor Miscellaneous Celestial Life may have mercy but I've none You can never guess what hell is like Not a sea of fire... Nor you'll find chains of ice... But the word of God is u

15. Ein Hauch Von K¤lte Lyrics

Ein Hauch Von K¤lte Lyrics

Abigor Miscellaneous Ein Hauch Von K¤lte Freezing winds of lands unnamable Haunts the wastes of my soul And time has come to join eternity... To rest my eyes upon the darker shade

16. Abigor Lyrics

Abigor Lyrics

Stronger than a fortress Here comes the one Deathless as time, he rises Chorus He brings pest Jaw and tail and wings and being righteous ABIGOR Run away his claws and try to escape T

17. Abigor Lyrics

Abigor Lyrics

O most luscious cenobite, you wield your whip as though it were another appendage; Favor me with pleasure-pain, rip me with your claws Chew me with your saw-toothed cunt Dead eyes alive with darkness

18. Dimensions Of Thy Unforgiven Sins (Part II) Lyrics

Dimensions Of Thy Unforgiven Sins (Part II) Lyrics

Soon I'll reach towards your soul from the grave And not to hand my heart on you Because I am not the shade you're waiting for My wings stir the moonlit dust of the place in which the past is burie

19. Spektrale Schattenlichter Lyrics

Spektrale Schattenlichter Lyrics

Schmerz ist das Wissen... Der am meisten weih, Der fiihlt am tiefsten die schreckliche Wahrheit, Dah der Baum der Erkenntnis nicht ist - Der Baum des Lebens... Mein Schmerz des Seins... Der die

20. Kingdom of Darkness Lyrics

Kingdom of Darkness Lyrics

His kingdom - Kingdom of Darkness Where you can hear agony screams Cry eternal Frozen moon, growing shadows Glowing eyes are waiting (The) creator of darkness will rise And the sun will shine no longe