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1. Live-Drop - Bliss (Empty RMX By -[Al K TraX]- )

Live-Drop - Bliss (Empty RMX By -[Al K TraX]- )

My Empty-Remix of Live-Drop' awesome ambient track Bliss ... the original lacks any percussion I added simple drums and a few other things and mostly just changed the overall sound... the actual structure of the track is unchanged. You can find the unremixed version here: and as allways: have a nice day^^

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2. Dead-Drop & -[Al K TraX]- - Slain

Dead-Drop & -[Al K TraX]- - Slain

A fun and absolutely not loud track DD and I made in the long timespan of a day... ...yeah. Enjoy!

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3. As Future Becomes Past

As Future Becomes Past

Have some synthwave... possibly... maybe also metal... or something else, as if I know. This was more work then it might sound like... For some reason, this actually brings my computer to it's knees when played back in-DAW. Which also is the reason for the name of the track: it reminded me of the past when, thanks to having a toaster of a computer, I always had to work around the limitations... which got me nostalgic and then in a weird "man, some stuff that is normal now used to be science fiction"-kinda mood. So, I named this "As Future Becomes Past" as some kind of memento mori.

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4. -[Al K TraX]- & Dead-Drop - In Another Time

-[Al K TraX]- & Dead-Drop - In Another Time

My good friend DD, aka. Dead-Drop -( )- had the idea to collaborate on a track... We did collaborate before, but that was literally years ago and we both were far more green and the output was... a lot noisier to say the least, and, while I still think at least I am far away from "experienced producer", we did make this track in what amounts to record time for us both and, in contrast, it is easy to hear how far we both came, musically. The name "In Another Time" is derived from the nostalgia that came up from working together again. I had a blast making this, and I hope you enjoy it.

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5. In Nebel Gebettet

In Nebel Gebettet

I have, like so often, no clue what kind of music one would consider this... I should just give up on categorization . . . anyways, it is rather slow and mellow... I guess... and purposefully kinda repetitive. Anyways, dedicated to a (not so) old man. Hope you peopz enjoy^^ PS: the name means "bedded in fog"

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Was pissed when I started making this... Not exactly sure what this is, but it exists now... enjoy... or not.

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7. Jump Through Wall(t)z

Jump Through Wall(t)z

A new and absolutely (un)serious track o'mine.... everyone needs a random and/or outright strange track, right?

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8. Kalkulierbarer Tod

Kalkulierbarer Tod

Because I have a writers block - wich sucks - I decided to upload a older track of mine so people don't start to think I vanished from the face of the earth or something . . . This specific track - wich' name means "calculable death" btw. - is one of my most cynic - as well as martial - tracks... ...also, it is pretty easy to hear that I am born in the '90s XD

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9. End=Start=?


first Track I made with my new computer and second of 2015... pretty shure a single synth used in this would have killed my former CPU (a friggin' Pentium 4 . . . yes, I worked with that... won't miss it^^) musically you may notice that it is somewhat longer then ushuall and also really slow - the drums play half-time at 110 bpm, so basically 55 bpm... also, at the topic of drums, the kick is actually a downpitched snare. No, the track name does not really have a meaning... and it is ment to be called "End Equals Start Equals Question" the lead-synth is, btw., an accident... was ment to be a short stab but ended up being something completely different. anyways, enjoy^^

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10. Change Of Heart

Change Of Heart

some D'n'B... been a while since I made a track in that genre, no? this track actually started out as a hard acid trance track and then I randomly decided to make it MUCH faster and use breakbeats... and more distortion, because distortion is awesome. So, yeah, the name is (as so often) a joke on that... plus, my fav. Card from the cardgame based on the Manga/Anime Yu-Gi-Oh is actually the card "Change of Heart", heh... hey, I was young once, too, ya know? anyways, enjoy, download, comment, flip a coin, whatevers^^

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11. Electric Fever Dream

Electric Fever Dream

My first track of 2016... god I am fucking slow.

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12. reFormaT


Some hardcore techno track... A bit on the crazy yet melodic side... Also, no speedcore in this, just straight up 183 bpm Hardcore with a guitar added for good meassure. Special thx to Crimmy for sparking ideas... and coming up with the title.

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13. Nothing


This track started as a random challenge of just using one synth for everything... and indeed, everything but the tambourine and guitars are made with the same synth... specifically Thor from Reason.

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14. Blade


At new year's I decided I want to make at least 6 tracks till the end of march... well, this is the 6th track of the year and it is the end of march, so, mission accomplished. Musically a slightly noisy electronic rock track... I think... unsure what to classify it, main reason why I just tag everything as "electronic" nowadays. Anyway, enjoy!

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15. Nymphalidae


Well... this one is . . . odd, especially for Hardcore... mostly because the track actually plays on 120 bpm, though, most of the time it feels far faster. Anyways, this is the closest to "happy hardcore" you'll get from me :P btw.: the name "Nymphalidae" refers to a family--in the sense of "class of species"--of butterflys... that's why the picture is a slightly glitchy picture of a butterfly, hehe. Hope you'll enjoy... and as allways, have a nice day.

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16. Broken Toy

Broken Toy

Since my last few tracks were all rather tame, I just wanted to make something more brutal again... so there, have some melodic Speedcore pounding away at 400bpm. Also: includes DnB elements... just for DD :P

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17. Source Inception Dusk

Source Inception Dusk

While this is far less weird then mu-law before it, it is still rather weird. Dunno what to say much about beyond: enjoy. Or not. I dunno. Warning: this may not be Hardcore, it is still rather loud.

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