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1. September 16th Lyrics

September 16th Lyrics

Maybe most of us have become automated Maybe our pattern is chasing its own tail The doors we thought opened up the straightest path is closed At the applied level we already know what goes Maybe th

2. When the Spirit Wanes Lyrics

When the Spirit Wanes Lyrics

Do you recall, when you remembered how many times you'd loved Having played way too many pieces in an all too serious game Now every moment lasts a lifetime Like a myriad of pointless little stories

3. Hollow Stones Lyrics

Hollow Stones Lyrics

There's a cold hand on a warm chest with a cold heart within You know that nothing last but still hold on, to plant paper flowers in the dirt Christ should know the lengths that I went but hollow sto

4. The New Year Lyrics

The New Year Lyrics

Everytime you come around It pushes in as it always does And what have I left behind? Nothing with sharp contoures Nor without a buzz around Want to, know how, will do, know how, will do, want to, wi

5. Atombomb Lyrics

Atombomb Lyrics

Kom, kom atombomb Om vi nån gång, nånsin blir som dom Känns som om alla är äldre nu och ser efter varann Dom har gått för att leva sina liv Och gud vet att jag måste leva mitt Jag står i va

6. Idlewild Lyrics

Idlewild Lyrics

I tend to think it's not the answers but the questions that stay the same Where between my routines and imagination to put the blame Wiggle the mastic keeping order where not due Gush through fences

7. At the Deep End Lyrics

At the Deep End Lyrics

You should pave the way To some place, ten thousand miles away Where I have never been before And will never see again But it feels like coming home An overdose in spirit But heavily lacking in heart

8. Love and Death Lyrics

Love and Death Lyrics

There is a sphere at the end of the world where all our dreams are brought to die A whirlwind of all the words, and all excuses that should never have been left unspoken If there is safety in numbers

10. Atomkinder Lyrics

Atomkinder Lyrics

What are they these monsterous beings Standing in the smog before me Never before has something so alien Walked this earth I wonder is this dream I wonder can this be reality What strange behaviour

11. Takin’ It Easy Lyrics

Takin’ It Easy Lyrics

I bought me a paper cause I wanted to know Just what to do when the sireenz blow. If the atom bomb misses me I don't want ta fall down A big sewer drain like an open manhole. I'ma takin' it easy