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1. Boss Hogg Outlawz Lyrics

Boss Hogg Outlawz  Lyrics

(featuring Sir Daily, Kyleon, Chris Ward & Slim Thug) (Intro: Slim Thug) Working my wood, through my city Breaking boys off, every night and day And I never got, one minute of sleep Cause I ba

2. I'm a Hogg Lyrics

I'm a Hogg Lyrics

[talking:] G'eah, Boss Hogg Outlawz Serve & Collect nigga [Hook: x2] (I'm a Hogg), I'm out that H-Town Texas where the Outlawz hang We braided and grilled out, that's the Outlaw thang (I'm a Hogg), a

3. We Boss Hoggin' Lyrics

We Boss Hoggin' Lyrics

I Would Share The Definition Of Boss Hoggin With You White Folks... But No... Games To Be Sold Not Told Motherfuckers Boss Hoggin' Im Boss Hoggin' Im Out Before The Sunrise Pullin Out My Supplies I

4. Whatcha Know Lyrics

Whatcha Know  Lyrics

(featuring Slim Thug, Chris Ward & Sir Daily) (*talking*) Slim Thugger uh, Boss Hogg Outlawz We be the Boyz N Blue nigga, we be the Boyz N Blue (Slim Thug) Mic check 1-2, 1-2 Residing the Bo

5. Freestyle (Track 2) Lyrics

Freestyle (Track 2)  Lyrics

(talking) Boss Hogg Outlawz, All Freestyles 3 Boyz N Blue baby, I know y'all waiting on the album Know I'm saying, we got a lot of thangs going on right now We gon keep it on the hush for a minute

6. Make A Girl Feel Flow Lyrics

Make A Girl Feel Flow Lyrics

Yeah that's right, bounce Killa It's your favorite rapper's, favorite rapper nigga Dead End Southside, Boyz N Blue Boss Hogg Outlawz nigga, they know Killa run it (Kyleon:) It's Killa Kyleon, I'm bac

7. Recognize a Playa Lyrics

Recognize a Playa Lyrics

Recognize A Playa - Boss Hogg Outlawz Genre/Lang.: Hip-Hop [Feat. Slim Thug] Slim Thug: Say Bitch, I know you see us. All these motha****in' diamonds, all this candy around ya - You can't help but

8. Wood Wheel Lyrics

Wood Wheel Lyrics

[*talking*] G'eah, it's time to pull them slabs out mayn It's slab season, that boy Mr. Lee act a fool with this one Northside where ya at, Southside where ya at The East/West where ya at mayn, it's t

9. I'm Fresh Lyrics

I'm Fresh Lyrics

(talking:) Yeah, Young Black in the mo'fucking building nigga Boss Hogg Outlawz what it is, this one here for all my slab riders Pull your drop out, show these boys how we hold down South Know I'm say

10. Ride 4s Lyrics

Ride 4s Lyrics

BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ New! Tap highlighted lyrics to add Meanings, Special Memories, and Misheard Lyrics... Listen to Boss Hogg Outlawz songs, ad-free. Try Prime Music for free Advisory - the following ly

11. Straight Outta Texas Lyrics

Straight Outta Texas Lyrics

[Hook: x2] Showing trunk glowing, while I flip through the hood Big diamonds shining blinding, while I'm gripping my wood Showing trunk glowing, while I flip through the hood Straight up-straight up o

12. It's That PJ Lyrics

It's That PJ Lyrics

(feat. PJ) (chorus: x2) It's that P.J. cumin out that 4'4 What? It's that P.J. cumin out that 4'4 What? It's that P.J. cumin out that 4'4 What? Bout to brake em off, watch me crawl real slow, What?

13. Rollin' Lyrics

Rollin' Lyrics

(talking:) Hey, you already know mayn Down in H-Town how we do it, when we do it We do it big, talk to em mayn (Hook:) We rolling candy cars, watch them 84's swang We sipping on that bar, and we're l

14. I'll Show Ya Lyrics

I'll Show Ya Lyrics

(featuring Slim Thug & Chris Ward) (*talking*) Boss Hogg, see you over there Getting hustled on mayn, I see you on that corner Getting that money, but you know what You need to come f**k with

15. Keep It Playa (feat. Ray-J) Lyrics

Keep It Playa (feat. Ray-J) Lyrics

(Intro) Mr. Lee on the track boy You have one new voice message To play your messages press 1(beep) (man whose this callin me) One new message friday 12: 48 p.m. Say homie i dont know who this is But

16. Boyz-N-Blue Lyrics

Boyz-N-Blue Lyrics

Boyz-N-Blue, straight at you Now tell me, what are you gonna do Now tell me, what are you gonna do When we come at you? I break the microphone with ease, it's a gift to me I treat the track like a pi

17. Dope Man Lyrics

Dope Man Lyrics

We fin to ball this year (What else) Get money, gon crawl this year (What else) Yeah, uh, yeah, hey, hey, hey Dope man, Dope man, I'm the Coke man On the block, like an old Coke can A-1 dope, that'll

18. Back to Front Lyrics

Back to Front Lyrics

(feat. Killa Kyleon) (Hook: x2) Back-back to the front, and to the side In a Lac-Lac with a blunt, now where the light (Kyleon:) I'm in a Lac coming down, I'm gripping grain Candy paint fifth and gr

19. Swimming Pool Flow Lyrics

Swimming Pool Flow Lyrics

I got a swimming pool full of (drank) them pints of the (drank) That purple (drank) we po' up (drank) I smoke and (drank) cup full of (drank) I'm leanin (drank) I'm leanin... haaa! Tell her faint, tr

20. I Gotta Get It Lyrics

I Gotta Get It Lyrics

(Chris Ward:) Fantasies and wishes, of hustlers with riches Drop top sixes, and old schools with switches And though it's true the shit I do, caught me a case The same shit I do, help out my estates S