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gdndghdModern life is ultimately busy; fast paced, and leaves very little time for enjoyment. Music is one of those ‘enjoyments’, which we no longer enjoy in the home quite as much as we would like too. However, the invention of the car stereo, with CD and MP3 player, has ultimately meant now we can enjoy our favourite artist as we speed down the road to work. It’s important, when investing in a CD/MP3 player for the car that you get a high quality system, with appropriate features. Choosing a player is ultimately a very confusing process, so here’s a few things to help you make that important decision.

Tip 1. Name Brand:
It is often a great idea to keep to well known brands as they will often have a wider variety of stereos to choose from and they are more likely to re-release popular models with improvements, as well use the latest technology, so as to keep up with their top of the market competitors.

Tip 2. Look at the features:
Although, we may often be tempted to buy a stereo with a number of interesting gadgets that we could easily do without, which are there to make the stereo look even sleeker; it is often not a wise idea as these players are often more expensive – and the quality may be sacrificed for the sake of aesthetics. Generally, it is best to go for the mid-range products that provide the basics, as these have been made to be high quality units that will last.

So, what can I play?
Standard stereos on today’s market enable you to listen to Cd’s, WMA and MP3 files that have been burnt onto disk. However, if you want something a bit more up-to-date, many pricier stereos will have additional features, including the capability to plug into external devices, such as SD/MMC flash memory cards with music files on, I-pods, I-phones and mp3 players.

What about the radio?
A normal radio will offer LW/MW/FM waveband coverage, with the option of presetting around 30 stations. Basic stereos will automatically connect to the stations with the best signals, whilst higher quality stereos will strengthen the signal of the weaker ones as well. A highly useful capability is the TA feature, which automatically switches station whilst the report is airing, and then returns you to the previous station. Another system to look out for is the SHARX – a system that separates close together radio signals, so that close together radio stations do not get intermingled on your stereo. PTY-EON is another technology that enables you to look at and select similar programme types at the touch of a button.

Tip 3. Sound quality
Besides all these new capabilities that technology has provided us, it is still highly important to consider the basics: sound quality. Basic stereos have limited equalizer options; hence they may not provide the highest quality of output. Some of the more basic models are preset with equalizer settings, such as pop, rock and classic, which are often fine with these genres, but if you are into very dense and layered music, you may have to find a model that has the option of choosing your own settings or with a higher quality equalizer. For those who do not want their noisy car to effect the enjoyment of their music, it is recommended that you look at models that include a digital 6 band equalizer, as this automatically adjusts the stereo’s sound output to the noise of the car. XBASS is another useful feature found in most models, which enhances sound at a low level of listening, enabling you to listen to music at a lower level without sacrificing the quality.

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