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1. Crime Fetish Lyrics

Crime Fetish Lyrics

It s a rap, got focked, Many getting strapped, he fake, he hoe fake You better give him that I get my dirt, I brought the rental back Next time you on my line, I m jumping into that Bitch ass nigga, I

2. Deez Bitches (Based Freestyle) Lyrics

Deez Bitches (Based Freestyle) Lyrics

Oh yeah, oh the fuck yeah Ok I'm a you tell something about 3, 030 mothafuckin' Yeah you know 3, 000 Be that mothafuckin' 3, 000 years ahead of the bitches I'm a tell why I got 50. Fucking. Bitches ok

3. Mac Pressed Over Lyrics

Mac Pressed Over Lyrics

Yes Yea Ya'lready know it's your boy Lil B man You know this shit be real, real, real You feel me Yea, you know Anytime I touch on the mic Man, this shit be like I feel like I bring something else out

4. Lead Work Lyrics

Lead Work Lyrics

Yeah, I told you I got the keys, I got the plane I'm a tell you why I'm facing 15 I'm a tell you why I'm thugged the fuck out Show you 'bout my network, they work Let's work Boots flying always, beef

5. 3rd World Hustla Lyrics

3rd World Hustla Lyrics

Ay man, I'mma' tell you why I'm thugged out Ay yeah I got a crime fetish, says fuck these mutha'fuckas (1st ) Never been a busta' I don't fuck with them 'bustas That nine in ya' face pussy nigga I do

6. Stay With The Mack Lyrics

Stay With The Mack Lyrics

Yeah Ay, today look like a good day to tote the strap Yeah, today a good day to... to hold that mack Yeah, man, today a good fucking day to hold that mack, you feel me? Crime fetish mixtape, you feel

7. Gimme Mo Bitches Lyrics

Gimme Mo Bitches Lyrics

Oh my God Based God, you look great today Based God I'mma tell you something You know, coming into your house today, I said, "you know what Based God? You're amazing." I wanna give you my bitch becaus

8. Licking The P Lyrics

Licking The P Lyrics

I'm a lick your pussy to theAnnotate after now I want you to spread you love through And you could say the things that you wanna do I just wanna put my dick in you What if I said I'd like to eat pussy

9. Street Dreams (Remix) Lyrics

Street Dreams (Remix) Lyrics

It's street dreams I still got these street dreams You feel me? Niggas never left their shit man I'll never have to struggle I'm still in it man Feeling like I said, remember why I signed artist for a

10. Life Lyrics

Life Lyrics

I learned it by myself when I was facing 36 And I really not knowing I was caught up in the mix Everybody dug life and I didn't even know it I was out in the hood trying to survive with the homies But

11. Mona Lisa Lyrics

Mona Lisa Lyrics

Attention attention! We need all the sexy girls to get on the dance floor All the girls from around the world, South side, stand up! Need a girl that look like Keisha So thick start to look like mona

12. Earthquake Lyrics

Earthquake Lyrics

Bitch make your ass shake like an earthquake Bitch make your ass shake like an earthquake Bitch make your ass shake like an earthquake Bitch make your ass shake like an earthquake Bitch make your ass

13. Suck My Dick Ho (Remix) Lyrics

Suck My Dick Ho (Remix) Lyrics

Woo! Yea... uh... based god nigga... Fuck you niggas bra... uh... yea Verse 1: Young based god came straight for da bitches Mac-10 lay em on da floor like a mattress Young based god in Olympics Stay

14. Who Got My Back Lyrics

Who Got My Back Lyrics

Go ahead, you can send me a kite upstate No lie, I ve been gone for a minute I m doing bad, like I m shooting craps Who got my back Go ahead, you can send me a kite upstate No lie, I ve been gone for

15. Thugged Out Bitch Lyrics

Thugged Out Bitch Lyrics

Aye nigga aye... Aye I heard that you, said you got more bitches than Lil B Now I'ma, correct you When the last nigga told me that he had more bitches than Lil B I, made the mistake and I believed him

16. Stress Lyrics

Stress Lyrics

This the realest shit I ever wrote, This the realest shit I ever spoke Try and get my mind right through all this stress, I’ma play my cards right and I’ma take my reps Real people from the worl

17. Old Sku Mobbin Lyrics

Old Sku Mobbin Lyrics

I'm loc'd out motherfucker Aye, what the fuck you doin around here? In my spot One day I was riding down 6th street Looking for some bitches that owed me You know me I stay with that dojure And alway

18. Shoot Them Gunz Lyrics

Shoot Them Gunz Lyrics

Aye man, you know I'm letting off things Man, we letting off them things, you feel me? Aye man, we in this motherfucker, all these suckers I'm a lay a hand down, break down, way down See me on the ea

19. Gone In 60 Seconds Lyrics

Gone In 60 Seconds Lyrics

Hey yo, I ma tell you bout these bitches I know, you feel me I ma tell you about these bitches I fuck man, they so based god You feel me, I can t really fuck with no regular girls at all You feel me?

20. Lurk N Twerk Lyrics

Lurk N Twerk Lyrics

Yeah, you already know man It's your boy Lil B in this motherfucker Yeah ladies call me based God so feel Fy fi fo fum, I can make your girl come I can sit back there alone, talking to Bubba Girl get