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1. First Lament Of The Cello Machine

First Lament Of The Cello Machine

Music created with AVSynthesis. Two Csound-based instruments were used, with one instance of the CrossFM and two of the Matrix Modulation synthesizers, all treated to Csound's Waveguide filters and global reverb. And no sampled sounds ever came close to this piece.

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2. Cadenza for Flute and Csound Synthesizers

Cadenza for Flute and Csound Synthesizers

Meditation/fantasy on material derived from Alban Berg's primary tone row for his Lyric Suite. Created with AVSynthesis/Csound, Sequencer Plus Gold, QSynth, Ardour3, mhWaveEdit, and some Linux audio plugins.

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3. Alba


Something like a tone poem. Created with a Csound-based sound & 3D graphics composition environment called AVSynthesis and much editing in Ardour3. The piece has a wide range of frequencies and dynamics. Some pretty low rumbles are present, they're intentional. You'll need a good playback system or phones to hear everything.

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4. I Received A Letter

I Received A Letter

A little remix of the first line from an original tune. Everything done in Ardour3. Be sure to check out DJ DualCore's remix at ! The entire song is also here on SoundCloud at

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5. Bits And Pieces

Bits And Pieces

A one-track album of things done over the past year. 1. Mochi 0:00 2. Helmic 2:53 3. Le faux Gaultier 7:02 4. Hojit 9:02 5. Coral 12:34 6. Reduxion 17:58 7. Hedera 20:46 8. Relatives 23:29 9. Breathing Space 29:44 10. The Soft Center 32:33 A little collection as a playlist. Mostly ambient stylings, including some rhythm/instrumentation studies and jam tracks, with no claim made for significant musical value. They began as exercises, took on their own shapes, and grew into the forms in this list. Two works are newly posted, the rest have been rendered to (by?) SoundCloud in previous more-or-less-identical versions. The lute piece differs slightly from the posted version, I leave it to the listener to discern where. All tracks created in Bitwig, edited and arranged in Ardour, along with an arsenal of support software, free and non-free, commercial/proprietary and FLOSS. My thanks to all the developers, they are innocent of any malfeasance listeners may find in the music. Thanks especially to Fernando Lopez-Lezcano for Planet CCRMA, the base system used here at Studio D. Dave Phillips August 2015 Edit: Two tracks at the beginning added on 28 October.

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6. The Soft Center

The Soft Center

A meditation/soliloquy. One synth (u-he ACE), one preset (HS Softly Centred Squares), one track in Bitwig 1.1.9.

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7. Ocotoco, For Bob

Ocotoco, For Bob

Three pieces for sequenced piano, based on an 8-tone scale from Persichetti's 20th Century Harmony. Dedicated to Bob Morabito. I. A Toccata In Twos & Threes 2. The Octotonic Muse 3. Plight Of The Fumblebee

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8. 3 Character Pieces

3 Character Pieces

A little set for my friend Bob Morabito. Three short pieces for solo sequenced piano, a "counterpoint study", a march, and the waltz I posted earlier (track now removed). These pieces are notated, but I doubt they're humanly playable as-is. See for the scores.

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9. A Freesound Csound Mix

A Freesound Csound Mix

From the Freesound database, files tagged with "csound" were retrieved, edited, and mixed in Ardour3 in three sessions. This mix blends the results of those sessions into a pleasant and wholesome entertainment for the entire family. No animals were harmed during the creation of this mix, no symbols where none intended.

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10. Cabbagenic


Three pieces demonstrating VST plugins created with Rory Walsh's Cabbage, an environment for developing Csound-based instruments and audio processors. Martin Eastwood's MVerb was used on one track, otherwise all sounds heard in these pieces have been synthesized and processed by Cabbage plugins, with no samples. Most (all?)of those plugins are instruments and effects processors designed by Iain McCurdy. These pieces were created and rendered with Bitwig 1.2.0 (beta) for Linux, on Fedora 21 with the Planet CCRMA additions. Vast thanks to all the developers who have made such amazing software ! Section descriptors : 1. Sunday morning, waking/dreaming/waking and dreaming again. 2. Sebkha-Chott patiently teach GWAR how to tune their instruments and play simple melodies correctly. 3. An imaginary fretless bass daydreams of 50s Darmstadt stardom, then it all somewhat sadly and totally tonally fades away.

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11. The Spring Of 23

The Spring Of 23

This song was written after reading Cormac McCarthy's novel The Road, but it isn't meant to portray any particular character from the book. I wanted to convey something of the book's grim and hopeless atmosphere. The background is a wind sound created with Noise opcodes in Csound, with vocal and guitar by yours truly. Recorded with Ardour2 in 2009, IIRC. Lyrics at

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12. Euclidean Jam for VCV Rack

Euclidean Jam for VCV Rack

Improvisation by MrLumps' Euclidean sequencer in Andrew Belt's wonderful VCV Rack (, played by the band seen in the image. No, there's nothing wrong with your playback, the second channel kicks in a bit after the start, it's intentional. Ditto for the pumped bass around 00:58. The performance file can be found at It requires the following modules, all of which are freely available (including source code) : BPM Clock - Autodafe SEQ Euclid - MrLumps VCO-1, LFO-1, Mutes, ADSR, VCA - Fundamental Macro Oscillator, Resonator, Utilities - Audible Instruments Ringo - Sonus Modular Audio Interface from Core collection

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13. A Lady Asks

A Lady Asks

Mash-up of loops created with MEAPsoft/SuperCollider3 and an FScape treatment of a poem read by Ezra Pound. Arranged and edited in Ardour3.

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14. Serge And The Freethings 5

Serge And The Freethings 5

A mix of freely available sounds from the database, the Bitwig freebies collection, and my own works. Final edits, arrangement, and mixture made in Ardour3.

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