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2. Ep 4 with host Derrik Jordan

Ep 4 with host Derrik Jordan

Derrik Jordan, the host of The World Fusion Show, talks about his music and world fusion composition process. His piece Windham Loops for orchestra and his world fusion power trio Impulse Ensemble is featured. Derrik gives a TEDX talk along with Hugh Keelan (director of The Windham Orchestra) who describes Beethoven's obsession with looping. Derrik demonstrates looping on his 5 string electric violin. And more!! A Worldsoul Records production Video version on FaceBook: Or YouTube: To support The World Fusion Show and to help make more shows possible go to and click on the support page. Thanks!

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4. Ep #12 with your host Derrik Jordan

Ep #12 with your host Derrik Jordan

Episode #12 with host Derrik Jordan. Derrik gives a little insight into his composing process and we get to hear three of his world fusion pieces that were inspired by African and Balinese music: Fulani Bounce, Baka Bachianas and Five Gamelans for Brass Quintet. He reveals his favorite pentatonic scales from around the world. Music performed by The Kyōdai Brass Quintet, Erik Lawrence, Elsa Nilsson, Massamba Diop, Barou Sall and Sarra Ba (on Fula flute). The video for Baka Bachianas (for flute choir) which shows the Baka (aka Pygmy) culture is by Cameroonian singer and dancer Georgette Adjie Beighle who is currently raising money to help the Baka people in Cameroon purchase their own land. Go to Go Fund Me at to learn more and to watch a video of her appeal. Check out the wonderful photos of Bali by Dan Rogers (see the TV show below)on the video of Five Gamelans For Brass Quintet. A Worldsoul Records production. To see the TV show go to FaceBook: or YouTube:

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7. Fulani Bounce

Fulani Bounce

Fulani bounce is a melody that I wrote a few years ago and thought that it sounded very African. I brought it with me to Senegal in 2013 and played it for Massamba Diop (pictured on tama) and he started smiling and getting happy and I asked him why. He told me this was a Fulani song. I had unconsciously written it even though I had never heard the original. When he played me the original it was very similar. Ha! Fulani Bounce features Saraba on fula flute which gives it a distinctive flavor and regional style.

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8. Everyone Loves Brazil

Everyone Loves Brazil

The title track to my double CD "Brazilliance." Featuring the talents of Bob Stabach on sax and Eugene Uman on piano. I'm playing everything else.

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9. Zen Samba

Zen Samba

Zen Samba is a lively mid-tempo samba with acoustic guitar, electric violin, percussion and steel pan.

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10. Better Half

Better Half

A back woodsy track with fiddle and banjo in the Appalachian style.

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11. Toubab


Toubab is something that I composed on my trip to Senegal in 2007 with Tony Vacca. It was a magical time of great connections with fantastic musicians. I was on fire and writing a lot of music late at night, every night. I could barely keep up with the ideas. I have recently done an arrangement of Toubab for string orchestra that was be performed by The Berklee World Strings under the direction of cellist and composer Eugene Friesen on April 30, 2015 in Boston.

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12. Indigenous


Indigenous is a funky little song that I wrote about being connected to nature after my Lakota vision quests. It is part of my CD "Touch The Earth" which has an environmental theme and is a celebration of nature.

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13. Thorn Forest Walkabout - Stephen and Jared - 128

Thorn Forest Walkabout - Stephen and Jared - 128

Thorn Forest Walkabout is a piece for 2 cellos and dumbek/djembe that is inspired by the music of Madagasgar.

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14. Panorama


Panorama is a song that welcomes and celebrates the coming of spring and summer after a long cold winter. The lyrics speak of the joys of the summer experience and being surrounded by the beauty of nature in all its glory.

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15. Sandcastles


"Sandcastles" is a piece that creates a world of mystery in sound. What are we? Where are we? What are the possibilities for us? Our greatest triumphs are soon erased by the tides of time. And yet we still build our castles in the sand that reach toward the sky. Such is the nature of human striving and desire to create something of meaning in the world. Featuring Erik Lawrence (pictured) on flute and Billy "Blanco" White on oud. Derik plays percussion and 5 string electric violin.

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16. Will It Never End

Will It Never End

Here's a very old song of mine from the 70's that has a real strong Stevie Wonder vibe. He was one of my biggest songwriting influences. Just an uplifting positive song about the limitless possibilities ahead in a new relationship.

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17. Spark And Smoke

Spark And Smoke

Yehuda Glantz is an Israeli musician who plays accordion, keys, percussion, Charango, guitar, sings, produces and composes. He is a very expressive and spiritual musician who I met in Israel in 2013. He is originally from Argentina but has lived in Jerusalem for many years.

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18. Standing Prayer

Standing Prayer

Standing Prayer is a song about nature and finding your place in nature. It was written as the culmination of 4 traditional Lakota vision quests that I did.

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19. Silk In The Rain

Silk In The Rain

Silk In The Rain is a R&B soul ballad with a classic mysterious and sexy vibe. Abiodun Oyewole sings it with passion. He is an original member of The Last Poets and is famous for his fiery revolutionary spoken word with that group, who are considered to be the first rap group - started in 1968. Silk In The Rain is on his first singer-songwriter CD (Love Has No Season. I co-wrote and produced it for him. The second singer-songwriter CD is almost finished. Dan Rosow plays trumpet. I am playing everything else.

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