Do You Sing Off Pitch

Posted on January 2, 2016 By

First, let’s begin by understanding the very few people are totally unable to sing on pitch. A true “tin ear” occurs in approximately 1 out of a million. Singing out of pitch is almost always caused by one or several things:

1. Not knowing the song really well. (do you really know it?)

2. Not creating the melody in your head before you sing it. The genius of the singer depends mostly on their ability to mentally “hear” what they are about to sing, like a fortune teller looking to the future through a crystal ball.

3. Letting your current mood (happy, sad, angry, etc) affect your singing, especially pitch. If you sing a gig the day you lost your job, chances are you will sing flat a lot. Be aware and prepared for this and you can avoid it.

4. Letting your current health problems (a cold, a headache, constipation, exhaustion, etc) affect your singing.

5. Drinking hot drinks loosens the cords and makes it harder to stay in key.

6. The same with very cold drinks. The cords become overly tight.

7. Are you getting enough breath to finish the phrase. When you run short of breath at the end of a phrase it’s hard to stay up on pitch. Learn correct breathing techniques. Think ahead. Get a breath if you feel you can’t make it through the phrase.

8. Are you singing with a “smile in your heart? (sounds like a Fred Astaire movie title) An internal “smile” does wonders toward keeping the pitch from going flat.

Also, sadness, a hot room, anger, not being “with it” that night, depression, etc can cause you to sing flat. Going sharp is usually caused by pushing too much energy. If you don’t hear yourself well through the monitors you are in danger of pushing your voice so you can hear it. This could take you way flat or sharp.