Essential Rock Singing Tips and Techniques

Posted on January 6, 2016 By

If you’d like to achieve the intense voice to be a rock star, you’ll need to work on the correct exercises that will teach you the correct tips for singing rock. Get it in your mind that you have to learn the correct vocal techniques for maximizing your best tone quality, hitting the higher notes, and controlling your voice. You have several options to reach your goal: hire a good teacher who can teach you the correct methods, purchase singing software exclusively focused on singing rock, or learn some singing lessons online. If you decided to gather useful information for singing this loud genre, take some notes on these simple tips.

You can start by listening and analyzing very carefully what it takes for rock singers to be successful in their chosen music genre, knowing that rock is not a simple endeavor to pursue. But, it’s not recommended that you imitate a rock star. You can incorporate your own style but never adapt the whole approach in singing. Create an image that makes you stand out from the rest.

Practice makes perfect. Always start with warm up exercises and end up with a cool down. Make it regularly and constantly to work on muscle coordination in your throat, mouth, and stomach. You know basically that rock involves high pitches and producing gravelly throat sounds that if not properly used can be damaging over time.

Breathing is very important in singing, not just for rock. The proper breathing techniques can totally improve the voice quality and the ability to sustain higher, longer, and louder notes. Breathe from the diaphragm and pull air down to the bottom of lungs; let them fill from top to bottom using their capacity. One more thing, when you breathe in your chest, just expand only the top portion of the lungs. Another thing that you can do is to jog as part of your regular exercise. This can expand and widen your lungs to support high pitch notes and produce a powerful voice.

Pitch control is another factor that rock singers have to learn. Singing on key and having the skills to control pitch naturally without forcing your voice is the key to being successful in rock singing. Don’t be discouraged if you notice that you are tone deaf because there are various exercises to hone in on the skills for hitting the right key.

Screaming is probably what comes into your mind when you hear rock singing. Partly true, but it should be melodic screaming that involves proper timing and a different approach. You will know if you didn’t apply all the techniques you’ve learned in singing when you feel the strain in your throat. Learn the proper muscle coordination. You can tighten your stomach and get the hang of it. By shaping the muscle, there’s no need for you to scream just to have a good raspy voice. Again, to know if you are doing it right, you can feel tiredness in your stomach or head but not in your chest or throat.

Last, drink plenty of water, avoid caffeine, refrain from smoking, get enough rest, avoid sweet and fatty foods and eat nutritious food. Take care of and don’t take for granted your vocal instrument, your voice.