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1. Zeno van den Broek & Gagi Petrovic: Ob-literate at the Orgelpark - Part V

Zeno van den Broek & Gagi Petrovic: Ob-literate at the Orgelpark - Part V

Live recording of the fifth and final piece of the Ob-literate performance at the Orgelpark - Amsterdam on 18-03-2016. concept & composition: Zeno van den Broek, Gagi Petrovic soprano: Stephanie Pan, Anat Spiegel baritone: Florian de Backere, Kevin Walton, Arnout Lems organ: Jacob Lekkerkerker cubes: Zeno van den Broek, Gagi Petrovic Ob-literate was commissioned by Gaudeamus Muziekweek. Supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten and Fonds21.

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2. Gagi Petrovic - dp[a]4 V2.71 (MFR046: dp[a] + hsh_

Gagi Petrovic - dp[a]4 V2.71 (MFR046: dp[a] + hsh_

Fourth track from the album "dp[a] + hsh"by Gagi Petrovic out on Moving Furniture Records 4 december 2017. Hear more and get the album here: dp[a] + hsh is the debut album for composer Gagi Petrovic. The album consists of two projects that were unrelated until now: dp[a] + hsh. Concept dp[a] Dysprosody is a very rare speech disorder that can manifest itself in several ways, such as unconventional changes in pitch, volume and rhythm while talking. This could be seen as a nuisance and unwanted deviation on established ways of communication, or as a new opportunity for truly expressing oneself. This is the result of my first attempt on the latter. Concept hsh The word Haschoema means ‘shame on you’ and is used in the Moroccan community when someone’s behaviour is inappropriate – especially if that someone is a woman. This single word expresses an understanding, a feeling and a certain tension. When choreographer Mouna Laroussi from Dansmakers Amsterdam commissioned me to write music for her dance duet revolving around this theme of social control, my assignment became clear: to capture oppression. Biography Gagi Petrovic Gagi Petrovic is a composer, performer and teacher of music. As a musician he mainly works in performative settings, such as concerts and contemporary dance. He composes pieces that are between acoustic and electronic; between heavy and warm, odd and familiar. His special interest is how music moves us both physically and mentally; how our emotions and rational thoughts are delicately intertwined and both influence our daily activities. Somehow music enables us to reflect, escape or even question a particular sense of reality.

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3. Verdragen (2012-13)

Verdragen (2012-13)

performed by Zsófia Pásztói; electronics i.a.w. Tijs Ham; recorded during 'Une matinée des rejeté', Rotterdam recorded at De Machinist, Rotterdam during "Une matinée des rejetés", Rotterdam. I. Intense II. Free III. Restrained IV. Fierce V. Concentrated VI. Symbiotic ( the bark is not part of the piece ;) )

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4. Y1.2


Excerpt of music for dance theatre performance "Yes yes yes yes yes" by HOMESICK. ps. Listen to it loudly!

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5. AYAH1-14_v1.35 (excerpt)

AYAH1-14_v1.35 (excerpt)

music for contemporary dance piece AYAH by Danshuis Haarlem (2017). composed and produced by Gagi Petrovic, listening through headphones or massive speakers is recommended. remixing Pärt - Silentium and making new compositions out of it, featuring my new sample-based instrument GEST.

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6. Dateq4|09 [excerpt]

Dateq4|09 [excerpt]

music for contemporary dance "Café Noir" by Lynn Meijer and Cherish Menzo, an excerpt. material (a.o.) extracted from my jam session with a broken amplifier with no input. video:

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7. IC2_161207_sketch (big speakers/headphones recommended)

IC2_161207_sketch (big speakers/headphones recommended)

Imaginary Conversations one-take-improvisation sketch for part 2 of 3

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8. SC_160827_0 - interface sketch

SC_160827_0 - interface sketch

one take improvisation

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9. DGbs4_v1.3


july 2015 composed for ‘De Golfbrekers’, an open air theatre show; see the image for an impression of the live decor :) this is an excerpt

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10. SC_160827_1 - interface sketch

SC_160827_1 - interface sketch

one take improvisation

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11. Verdragen6 - schets

Verdragen6 - schets

During the process of composing a new solo for recorder with live electronics (2012-2013), i was looking for a pure acoustic sound that mixes well with the electronic sounds i had in mind. This is a short improvisation that i made after a few weeks of experimenting with unconventional techniques. This recording of me playing my balkan recorder functioned as inspiration for the sixth movement of the composition.

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12. circ5.0


music for contemporary dance by jolien van haaster's performance "carnival".

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13. The light that blinds you (excerpt)

The light that blinds you (excerpt)

This recording of my duet for alto flute and live electronics is an excerpt of my graduation piece, performed by Albert Manders.

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14. Raam tot raam (2012)

Raam tot raam (2012)

for Javanese gamelan (pelog) and live electronics (i.a.w. Tijs Ham [Tapage]) performed by Ensemble Gending (during Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2012) recorded, mixed and mastered by Rutger Ides (

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15. ghuis3a


music for contemporary dance

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16. hsh_2-3_excerpt


2015 an excerpt of music for contemporary dance duet 'Haschoema' by Mouna Laroussi commissioned by Dansmakers Amsterdam

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17. Procrastinate [use headphones/massive speakers]

Procrastinate [use headphones/massive speakers]

[listen with headphones or massive speakers] june 2015 later I decided that this is composed for the compilation CD: Death Mix a project by Vox Novus: 60x60 80% of this is created while procrastinating.

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18. Muur (2011)

Muur (2011)

performance of Muur (2011), for recorder or flute. composition by me. performed by Albert Manders, on flute. that speed, what a boss.

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19. Wir Hatten Zeit

Wir Hatten Zeit

Wir hatten zeit (2013) (one-day-piece no. 1) Composition by me Lyrics distilled by me, from a poem by Heinz Czechowski (1935-2009) Voice - Enikö Gösi Piano – Rutger de Ronde recorded during the best of Eendagsliederen //// lyrics ///// Wir hatten zeit So kam dieser Winter
Saß in den Scheiben, der Schnee Die Stille Setzte sich fest und wir hatten Zeit, Er ging. ////// english ////// We had time And so came this winter It sat in the sills, the snow The silence Sat down firmly and we had Time, It went.

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20. Donker (2012)

Donker (2012)

composition: Gagi Petrovic recording: Rutger Ides performed by Ensemble Sizzle and Sonsoles Alonso (piano) during a rehearsal. i revisited this piece in the summer of 2012, so the actual composition is a bit different than this recording.

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