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2. Norma Project - Other Side

Norma Project - Other Side

Norma Project - Illusion [ovniep173] (Ovnimoon Records) 1 - Norma Project - Broken Minds 2 - Norma Project - Illusions 3 - Norma Project - Other Side Ovnimoon Records presents this all new single called Illusion from Norma Project with three amazing tracks where we hear the next level which is coming out of this prolific project. Broken Minds and Illusions bring flowing atmospheric tribal progressive vibes with pumping bass, while Other Side rolls along with a triplet beat and uplifting melodies. Norma is Progressive psytrance project founded by Gradimir Stojiljkovic born on 12.10.1961 in Serbia Kruševac. He always had interest in music and learned how to play a guitar very young. He became a professional musician playing guitar in rock and blues bands, making great success all around the world. In Addition he created a tribute band to Led Zeppelin, with friends and family which was very successful. The energy he felt in Led Zeppelin’s music was very mystical and deep for him and year by year he was more and more interested in psychedelic trance and psychedelic ambient music. After a couple years of listening, in 2013 Gradimir makse Norma project and starts producing and making progressive psytrance music, focusing on deep bass lines, mystical atmospheres and unique melodies. The first release Norma Project makes for Ovnimoon Records had great success, and a good response. Norma continues with hard work on his music, making more releases for couple a of labels such as Ovnimoon records, Sting Records, Power House Records, Sadhu records and also more to come. He is also trying his hands and mind in ambient/downtempo psychedelic genre and made first release oh his ambient side also in Ovnimoon records. Norma project has many collaborations with Artist such as Shogan, Liquid Sound, Ascent, Argus and continues his work with several talented artists. Norma’s idea of making his music is to focus on nice harmonies, deep psychedelic effects, mixing many genres of psytrance music in one conception.

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3. Coexist Festival - FULLON DJ Set by DoctorSpook (85min)

Coexist Festival - FULLON DJ Set by DoctorSpook  (85min)

1 Merlins Apprentice - Stonehenge 2 Pulsar, Thaihanu, Djane Gaby - Rising Sun (Album Mix) 3 Liquid Frame - Just For Today 4 Waterphonics - Galactic Shield 5 Kundalini - And So On 6 ProtoDrive - Exploration of Time 7 Creactive - Neuroscience 8 Rishi - Optical Blur 9 Sonic Elysium, Saint Rider - Strider 10 Ovnimoon, Rigel - From Another World 11 Spirit Architect - New Born 12 Trinodia - A11 (2013 remix) 13 Acid Syndrome - Array 14 Quazax - Extinction 15 Cower - Día y Noche 16 Endeavour - Banshee 17 Filteria - Dog Days Bliss (Original Version) 18 Lectro Spektral Daze - Psychedelic Temples Of The Mind 19 Coral - Into The Light 20 Cosmos Vibration - Grooves Of Freedom ---- Festival Information ----- * This will be a 4 Day 3 Night Music, Art, Dance Festival Campout * Who: Love Nation Presents: What: Coexist - Creative Arts, Music, and Dance Festival Live Music, DJs, Art & Deco, Open Air Camping and more.... 2 Electronic Music Stages Psy Stage (tech, prog, fullon, day, night, dark, forest, hi-tek) Second Stage (Psychill, Psydub, Ambient, Chill, Techno, Deep House, D&B) When: October 8th - 11th, 2015 Where: NorCal Location - Clear Lake Oaks, CA (2 1/2 Hours from San Francisco) Why: Because we all need it! :-) ---------------------------------------------- Love Nation Is A Community Where People Connect Through All Forms Of Play To Create Love And Beauty In Our World And In Our Hearts. Through Music, Art, Performance, Dance, Celebration, Humor... Physical, Spiritual, Intellectual...However It Manifests... Love Nation Is Come As You Are, We Our One Mentality. We All Come From Different Walks Of Life, Some More Fortunate Than Others. We All Have Differences, But That Is No Reason For Us To Be Separated. We All Have Something To Offer Though Are Own Uniqueness. Imagination Sparks New Ideas Discuss Different Points Of View Explore The Possibilities Allow Everyone To Contribute Share Your Thoughts -------------------- DJ. MUSIC. ARTIST -------------------- Updated Line-Up: PSY STAGE thursday: music starts!special guest local Djs & semi-opendecks for psyfriends and family! Special Guest DJ sets, Versus Sets, and more from some of your favorite locals! Come early for great music and good camping spots :) friday: 11:30am - opening set/ceremony 1:00pm: the reverend (pure sound) 2:30pm - ekstrekat (tokyofornia) 4:00pm cosmic cat (soltek, colorado) 5:30pm dizzy (ancient youth) 7:00pm vilca (vilcamusic) 8:30pm danger muffin (3degrees) 10:00pm mahadeva (psyon) 11:30pm lepraconor (soltek) 1:00am symatics (psytribe) 2:30am SPECIAL GUEST4:00am vampyromorpha (shiva shakti)5:30am symbiot (knob twisters) Saturday: 7:00am - gizma (mexico, sf) 8:30am - khromata (digital om, pulse sf) 10:00am - starlab (digital om, india) 12:30pm - airavata (psytrancer, love nation) 2:00pm - kikipopo (friends & family) 3:30pm - arwin (straylight prod.) 5:00pm - a hundred drums (b-side) 6:30pm - michael liu (illumination recs.) 8:00pm - irijescent (psysub, love nation) 9:00pm - orange alien (psytrancer) 10:30pm - wich dokta (full circle) 12:00am - tripmonk (psychoative recs.) 1:30am - reptilian renegade (ovnimoon, chile)3:30am - parus (live, auraquake recs.)5:30am - sunchild (sangoma recs.) sunday: 7:00am - olowanpi (dropout prod.) 8:30am - sausee (galaxy unknown) 10:00am - dr. spook (geomagnetic) 11:30am - groove addict (nano recs.) 1:00pm - kaniyya (space elevator) 2:30pm - krickett 4:00pm - reed waller (sf) 5:30pm - zul (surprise set) 7:00pm & on surprise vs. sets plus second setsfrom your favorite psy DJs!!!dance until we drop :-)

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4. Lunarave, Pulsar - Metatron (Argon Sphere Remix)

Lunarave, Pulsar - Metatron (Argon Sphere Remix)

Argon Sphere - Another World - geocd085 (Geo-Morningstar/

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5. Ekahal - Tribal Drugs

Ekahal - Tribal Drugs

Ekahal - Tribal Drugs (goaep207) [Goa Records] Beatport: Psyshop: Goastore: 1 - Ekahal - Tribal Drugs 2 - Ekahal - My Mind 3 - Ekahal - No Rest for the Wicked 4 - Ekahal - Tuma Goa Records present the debut release of Ekahal with Tribal Drugs bursting onto the world scene with these four sensational tracks. Ekahal project is George Tsafaridis from Greece, he's producing Psytrance and Progressive Psytrance music since 14 years old. His style is Goa melodies, forest sounds and psychedelic atmospheres.

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6. Balancé - Fisgas

Balancé - Fisgas

The Moonbeats Compiled By Maiia - Downtempo / Dub OUT on 12/09/2014 on Beatport and Psyshop Ovnimooon Records is proud to present this amazing downtepmo dub, psychill and breaks compilation called The Moonbeats compiled by our friend and label artist Maiia from Moscow, Russia. Using her extensive skills of storytelling through music she has collected these stunning 10 tracks into an epic journey around the planet with music by amazing new fresh faces as well as already well known artists in the genre today. Just sit back and let the music be a guide for your astral projection flight to the moon any beyond.

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7. Ovnimoon, Spirit Architect - La Danza Espiritual (Rishi Remix)

Ovnimoon, Spirit Architect - La Danza Espiritual (Rishi Remix)

Rishi - Optical Blur [ovnicd103] (Ovnimoon Rec.)

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8. Frost Raven - Dragoon

Frost Raven - Dragoon

Buy CD on Psyshop: Buy on Beatport: digital download - After The Fall - [DUBSTEPSF027] Dubstep SF presents Frost Raven - After The Fall. By now everyone has surely heard of Frost Raven, one of the most well-known and diversely talented producers coming from California, USA in quite some time. His co-project K Theory tours non-stop and consistently shares the stage with the biggest names in Electronic Dance Music. Their shows have been getting bigger and bigger with each season and they have had numerous #1 best sellers on Beatport. Dustin Musser's solo project, Frost Raven, has benefitted immensely from all of this stage time by allowing him to fine tune his production to meet the demanding needs of today's modern audience. This album is fused with deep layers of Dubstep, Glitch Hop and the Grimiest, Grooviest Bass vibes ever! Audiences are constantly thrilled to the point of exhaustion and their quivering knees are a testament to his emotional and hard hitting musical compositions. Now with 5 full length albums under his belt AFTER THE FALL is an exodus into alternative sounds. Dustin is never pigeon holed or locked in to categories and for this reason above all others you are treated to an uncensored escapade into ecstatic electronic music. Prepare to be amazed with an adventure for your mind, body and soulE and especially your BOOTY! Dubstep SF Features the West Coasts most prominent hotbed of producers grinding out some of the world's most notorious hits & fresh tracks hot from the dancefloors and dub pits of the SF Bay Area. Bass Star Records formed in summer of 2007 and is focused primarily on breaks, dub step, electro house and down tekno grooves. Expect lots of wild unpredictable new cuts coming from this phatty side project from Geomagnetic Records.

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9. Offlabel - Avatar

Offlabel - Avatar

Offlabel - Mystic Force (ovniep215 - Ovnimoon Records) Beatport: Psyshop: Beatspace: Goastore: 1 - Offlabel - Avatar 2 - Offlabel - Space Frequencies 3 - Offlabel - Mystic Force Ovnimoon Records presents another massive release from Offlabel with the triumphant final piece of the trilogy called Mystic Force! This third single on the label brings three more epic psy blasting progressive bombs. Tony Vallini the man behind the Psytrance sound project called OffLabel. Producer since 2007, his tracks have been released on InMinimax Records, 303 Lovers, Prosthetic Pressings and have been recognized and played by Len Faki, DJ Spartaque, Chris Fortier, Umek, Matt Darey. Tony has also made the Beatport’s Techno Top Ten list several times with his Techno tracks. Now with a move to the Trance sound, he comes by the pseudonym OffLabel. In his sound, you can touch underground and evocative ideas cut with melodies, chants and tribal contamination, breakdowns and atmospheres, it emanates pure energy and wellness; a mental and psychostimulant sound that it becomes the only one in its style!

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12. Atacama - Everchanging River Flow

Atacama - Everchanging River Flow

Atacama - Halluzination Speak [ovniep174] (Ovnimoon Records) 1 - Atacama - Halluzination Speak 2 - Atacama - The Cosmos Grace 3 - Atacama - Ever-changing River Flow Since their very first psytrance parties more than ten years back in time the Berliners Kevin Hentschel and Rafael Gomez never stopped experimenting with electronic sounds. Alongside multiple excursions into various sub-genres, their own label activities and many open air and club events the two friends concentrate since 2012 on the production of driving psychedelic trance music. After some releases in Spain and further mind blowing experiences while playing large festivals such as the Fusion Festival – the two musicians re-invented their sound and themselves as Atacama. Sometimes mysterious, always complex and preferential driving Atacama carry off their listeners in spheres between bygone experiences and oncoming promises where myths and reality, rhythm and movement merge into a cosmic unity."

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15. Sharigrama - Magic Land (Shadai Dark Remix)

Sharigrama - Magic Land (Shadai Dark Remix)

Buy on Beatport-> The spiral galaxies, same as the DNA spiral traveling they are, ever expanding everywhere ... Carrying unparalleled wonders, life, death, dark energy, atoms, stardust and especially something that for me is the universal language ... The MUSIC. Three themes intensely created to be listened carefully because it is not conventional music they are intelligent creations, going from the psychedelic sound to the deeper atmosphere with dark touch that characterizes the SHADAI project, no matter how slow or fast, here is where musical stories are made. I appreciate the opportunity the label Geomagnetic Records (USA) gives me to launch this evolution that is taking my project, Dr. Spook thanks for believing in me, special mention to my family for always supporting me and my other galaxy that is rotating with me here and now, Steffy Dusk. I make a special mention in the second theme Sharigrama - Magic Land: Sharigrama - Magic Land Track Composed By: Carlos Siliceo And Carlos Gonzalez in 2002 Produced By: Sharigrama In Mexico City in 2002 Copy Right. In memory of this great musician.

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16. Vimana, Pulsar - Aztec Contact (Suduaya Remix)

Vimana, Pulsar - Aztec Contact (Suduaya Remix)

Vimana – Psychonautical Science [ovnicd107] (Ovnimoon Rec.)

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17. StarCamp Shasta 2016 DoctorSpook DJ Mix (Booty Chakra Stage)

StarCamp Shasta 2016 DoctorSpook DJ Mix (Booty Chakra Stage)

Big thanks to all the promoters and supporters who made this amazing event a reality especially to Goldie and Brian from Starseed + Smokesign and Channel 23 crew. I hope to see you all next year! ------------ Portland based Booty Chakra Psychedelic Music collective & Channel 23 Productions hosted the Progressive/Downtempo stage at this year's Star Camp Shasta!! We've got some special creations in mind and will be releasing more news as the date gets closer and closer. ----- StarCamp Shasta 2016 DoctorSpook DJ Mix (Booty Chakra Stage) Live mixxed on CDJ 850s and a XONE Allen & Heath Mixer. Track Title BPM Key Time 01 - Ovnimoon - Touch the Stars (2010 Remix) 135 F#m 6:58 02 - Solar Spectrum - Stars 136 F#m 7:12 03 - Trycerapt - Jade Eyes 136 F#m 8:17 04 - Lyktum - Spirit Form (Norma Project Remix) 136 Em 7:40 05 - Shake - High Goa Pleasures (Phoma Remix) 136 Am 6:48 06 - Norma Project & Ascent - Billions of Stars 137 Abm 6:56 07 - Norma Project, Shogan - Green Light 138.8 Abm 7:30 08 - Logic Bomb - Halojaner (Tranan Remix) 138 F#m 7:59 09 - Morden Laiv - Spiritual Revolution 138 F#m 7:41 10 - The Key - The Light 138 Ebm 7:25 11 - Perceptors - Conflicts and Connections 138 Fm 6:57 12 - Owntrip - Infinte Soul 138 Bb 7:30 13 - Lunatica - Double Trip (Owntrip Remix) 138 Bb 7:53 14 - ZeoLogic - Trance Experience 140 Dm 7:06 15 - Sonic Species - Infinity 140 Am 9:52 16 - Offlabel - Starseed 142 Gm 8:11 17 - Trinodia - Everything Allright 143 Em 6:56 18 - Phoenix Family, Random, Mind Storm - Dream Stars 145 Gm 7:56 19 - Spirit Architect - Vertigo (Rishi Remix) 145 Bb 6:47 20 - Kazuki - Sinister Sunrise 146 Gm 6:16 21 - Pulsar & Thaihanu - Stars (Cosmic Station Remix) 147 Bm 7:39 FOR FULL INFORMATION ON THE STAR CAMP SHASTA GATHERING, PLEASE GO TO THE MAIN EVENT PAGE: We are very excited to make the journey down to NorCal this year and join our southern brothers and sisters under moon and star!!! please go to the website, or for the latest timeslots Balam (Booty Chakra - PDX, Oregon) Barakuda (Psytribe U.S.A. - LA, California) Deafchild (Sunrise Social Club - PDX, Oregon) Delic (Ibidelyc Rec./Geomagnetic Rec. - Ixtapa, Mexico) Devistatix (ITF/Papsyfic Productions - PDX, Oregon) DJ ZORIN (Anomalistic Records - PDX, Oregon) DoctorSpook (Geomagnetic Rec. - SF, California) Enki (Bass Star Records - Eugene, Oregon) Ely (Star Camp Shasta - Weed, California) Eu4ic (Different Drumz - SF, California) Fr0stsp1re (ITF/OtherWorld Rec. - PDX, Oregon) Gorilladust (Good Mood Promotion - PDX, Oregon) KOMBAT (San Diego, California) Kromagon (Zenon Rec./Terrakroma - LA, California) Microsphere (Goa Records - Athens, Greece) Mystral (Merkaba Music - Ashland, Oregon) Psilovybe (Electronarcosis - San Diego, California) Psy Ren (Booty Chakra/Channel 23 - PDX, Oregon) Random (Geomagnetic Rec. - San Fransisco, CA) Ryn (PDX, Oregon) Smoke Sign (Zenon/Pulse SF/Booty Chakra - PDX, Oregon) Tektree (Booty Chakra - PDX, Oregon) Trione (PDX, Oregon) Tyrannosaurus Bex (Booty Chakra/ITF - PDX, Oregon) ~ FRIDAY ~ 7:30 PM: Frostsp1re 9:30 PM: Tyrannosaurus Bex 11:00 PM: Delic ~ SATURDAY ~ 12:30 AM: Devistatix 2:00 AM: Doctor Spook 3:30 AM: Psy Ren 5:00 AM: Balam 6:30 AM: Eu4ia 8:00 AM: Ely 9:30 AM: Trione 11:00 AM: Gorilladust VS Zorin 3:00 PM: Enki 4:30 PM: Mystral 6:30 PM: Psilovybe 8:00 PM: Deafchild 10:00 PM: Smoke Sign 11:30 PM: Kromagon ~ SUNDAY ~ 1:00 AM: Random 2:30 AM: Barakuda 4:00 AM: Tektree 5:30 AM: Ryn 7:00 AM: Microsphere 8:30 AM: Fr0stsp1re 10:00 AM: Kombat

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18. InnerZone - Uplifter

InnerZone - Uplifter

InnerZone - The Inner Zone EP [timewarp044] (Timewarp Records) Beatport: Psyshop: Beatspace: Goastore: 1 - InnerZone - Universal Enlightenment (2016 Remix) 2 - InnerZone - Analog Sunrise (Studio mix 2016) 3 - InnerZone - Uplifter 4 - InnerZone - Universal Enlightenment (Cactus Arising Remix) Timewarp presents a new release from InnerZone called The Inner Zone EP, we hope you enjoy the ride! Rei Albahari has been producing music since 2005 under the name "MadDoc". He has started his way around electronic music while co-producing & editing the Israeli radio show "BeatNik" (Brodcast on "Galey Tzahal" 2004-2006). After the show stopped Rei began to produce small parties & DJ sets around Israel, in 2008 forming the production "Ha'HaZit Ha'Amamit La'Trance", taking on promoting the GOA TRANCE & the Retro trend. "MadDoc" shows & DJ seta have been well known because of his unique sound and track selecting. Rei started producing music as InnerZone in 2011 and got his 1st release Analog Sunrise. Since then Rei released two E.P's and several tracks on compilations, remixed & collaborated with artist such as Astral Projection, Power Source, Radical Distortion, The Muses Rapt , Nervasystem and more. InnerZone would like to thank to his parents & family, Shanny Avitan, Steve Tzokas, Renato Brnic, Shahaf Shvarzman, Matan Ohana, Issac Sandman, Har-el Prusky, Avi & Lior, Juan Verdera, Drezz Nervasystem , Danny Marshal and all of you party people out there!

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20. Spectro Senses - Attraction

Spectro Senses - Attraction

Spectro Senses - Sacred Tree [ovniep194] (Ovnimoon Records) Beatport : Beatspace : Goastore : 1 - Spectro Senses - Attraction 2 - Spectro Senses - Sacred Tree Ronei Leite aka Spectro Senses is a psytrance project that was born at the time of psytrance scene / full on , He has played his live Psytrance in various clubs and festivals such as : Club A, Blast Energy radio 97.7 presented by Rosa Ventura. Performed in several festivals of radio Drop Trance, Electro Friends , Bdelic , Psy X, Versus Aharon Gidali Balistic Sound (Israel). Currently focused on the progressive psytrance scene and psytrance, with influences such as : Ace Ventura, liqud Soul , Avalon , Vertical Mode , Symbolic etc. Has quite dedicated to the production of your live , it is currently recognized as Sound synthesizer designer. Spectro Senses always tries to pass a good energy to the track with his live characteristic melodic with a traveler introduction to some mantras and vocal. Website page: Facebook fan page: Soundcloud page:

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