How to Get People to Listen to your MP3s

Posted on May 7, 2016 By

The concept of the eBook (electronic book) is fantastic. You no longer need to find a publisher. No need to spend a fortune printing. No need to do anything but write. Now it might seem kinda silly to for a band to give away an eBook when they have countless CDs and can copy/paste MP3s out the wazzoo, but why not? It’s the silly things that make an impact. My suggestion is instead of giving away MP3s, give away an eBook.

Let me explain why. MP3s are rampant, especially since Napster started. People are downloading MP3 left and right. There is a surplus. Too many for people to handle and give significant thought to. Their attention is held for a few minutes. Then on comes the next MP3. They might notice your band’s name. They might even get a URL to check you out… might. Might just isn’t good enough. We want them to head to your website and buy your album. We need something more definite to effectively market yourself.

That’s where the eBook comes into play. By providing a short 10-page book on an interesting topic, your audience’s attention is held while they read about…(insert topic here). Then you can provide a link to your MP3, your URL, your band name, your name, and any additional info about you, your band, or the air speed velocity of an unladden swallow.

An eBook? You want me to write too? On what?

Write on what you know. My group, the Brobdingnagian Bards, plays Celtic Renaissance music at Renaissance faires. Guess I could write on the best faires to attend. How to choose good faire music. Or I could write about bards, their history, their stories, their music. (the one I’m working on currently)

What about you? Know anything about computers? It doesn’t have to be detailed. There a lot of novices. Know how to set up MP3s? There’s an eBook there. Know how to organize parties? Build DoHickeys? Look at who you are and what you know. Figure out a topic. Determine your audience. Write. Add a link to your Hit Single and web address and ordering page. And make it grow.

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