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2. Happy Birthday Michelle!

Happy Birthday Michelle!

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5. In The Zone with Henri Kohn presents "Too Old 4 School" , 6.4.2013

  • Published: 2013-04-08T09:13:50Z
  • By HenriKohn
In The Zone with Henri Kohn presents

1. Touch - Whitout You (1987) 2. Arnold Jarvis – Take some time out (1987) 3. The It – Donnie (1986) 4. Blaze - Watcha gonna do (1986) 5. Sweet D - Thank Ya (1986) 6. Master C & J - Face It (1987) 7. Mister Fingers - For So Long (1987) 8. Phase II – Mystery (1988) 9. Kenny “Jammin” Jason with “Fast” Eddie Smith - Can U Dance (1987) 10. Steve “Silk” Hurley - Jack your body (1986) 11. Risque III – More than just a dance (1988) 12. Mike Dunn – Dance You Mutha (Bam The Dub for The Club) (1987) 13. Hula - Hot Hands (1988) 14. Armando – Confusion´s Revenge (1988) 15. Chip E The Godfather of House - Time to jack (1986) 16. Adonis – No Way Back (1986) 17. Kevin saunderson – Bounce your body to the box (1988) 18. Pfortune - String Free (1988) 19. Phuture - The Creator (1988) 20. Steve Poindexter - Work that Motha Fucker (1989) live vinyl mix by Henri Kohn download-link on request!

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6. Clubstar Session 2014 (Compiled&mixed by Henri Kohn & Giorgio Gee) - Teaser

Clubstar Session 2014 (Compiled&mixed by Henri Kohn & Giorgio Gee) - Teaser

2CD: Beatport: iTunes (Europe) iTunes (Rest of the World): Amazon: Juno: Youtube Teaser: Teaser Tracklist: CD1 (Henri Kohn) Andhim - Boy Boy Boy (Original) Kevin Saunderson feat. Inner City - Big Fun 2013 (Full Intention 88 Remix) Steve Silk Hurley - The Word Is Love (Alfred Azzetto Classic Re-Work Remix) Sam Skilz with Miss Ann-P & Henri Kohn - Save My Day (Original Vocal Mix) DJ Chus & David Penn feat. Daren J. Bell - Sunshine (Can You Feel It Dub) CD2 (Giorgio Gee) Lissat & Voltaxx vs. Blaxx (Italy) - Wanna Funk (Original Mix) Samuele Sartini & Crazibiza feat Jaquita - Keep Dancing Alex Greed & Swooney feat. Palace - Bounce (Sumo Hadji Remix) Manuel Baccano - So Strung Out (Jay Frog Remix) Florian Arndt - Like This House (Original Mix) Label: CLUBSTAR Cat.No.: cls0003202 Style: House Release Date: 27.06.2014 Clubstar proudly presents “Clubstar Session 2014”. Right in time for the summer we are delivering your soundtrack for the holiday season. Since 16 years Clubstar is living and preaching house music now and besides over 150 single releases and several hundred compilations Clubstar is still keeping it real, but also has an ear for the new styles of house and the new generation. The double compilation “Clubstar Session 2014” compilation brings once again the old and new school of the music we love together. CD1 is compiled and mixed by Clubstar A&R Henri Kohn. Not only because Deep House is the flavour of the moment he starts the journey raw and deep, with the massive Dennis Ferrer remix of “Salvation” by Coyu feat. Aaron David Frith. Followed by tracks and remixes from Maximiljan and Kolombo. Andhim´s club hit “Boy Boy Boy” is on board, as well as the chart topping Full Intention remix of the house evergreen “Big Fun” by Inner City / Kevin Saunderson. Maestro Alfred Azzetto from Italy delivers an up-to-date interpretation of another evergreen by Steve Hurley. After that Sam Skilz, Miss Ann-P & Henri Kohn are saving the day with a little more house. Tracks and remixes by Kraak & Smaak, Todd Terry, Prok & Fitch, Africanism, Friscia & Lamboy follow. The currently unreleased dub mix of the classic by DJ Chus, David Penn and Daren J. Bell, “Sunshine”, is featured in the mix, as well as the new Chocolate Puma edit of another piece of house music history: “Give it up” by The Good Men, which should bring you in a worldcup mood. The journey ends with another remix from Miss Ann-P & Henri Kohn from their Play Me Now project. CD2 is compiled and mixed by Giorgio Gee and represents the new school of house music. Banging, pumping straight forward sounds from the beginning to the end. No, we won´t drop the “name” EDM. The disc includes tunes and remixes by The Disco Boys & Cuebrick, Fedde Le Grand, Lissat & Voltaxx vs. Blaxx (Italy), Crazibiza and Deux. Jay Frog, Sean Finn, Filip Riva and Patric La Funk are on the cd and also the unreleased “Summer 14 Vocal Reload” of “Pure Shore” by Dan Martin & Miss Ann-P. Of course also own productions by Giorgio Gee´s can´t be missing. He features his single “Get Down” and his remix of “Want U Now” by Ardian Bujupi feat. Tony T. The double cd represents the full sound spectrum of Clubstar and is your guide to dancefloor happiness! “Clubstar Session 2014” supplies you with the sound that you will need for an enthusiastic pre-, peaktime -, or after-party. It´s up to you, because it is your house music! CD 1 compiled & mixed by Henri Kohn 1. Coyu feat. Aaron David Frith - Salvation (Dennis Ferrer Remix) 2. Maximiljan feat Bessie Jones - Sink, Em Low (Maximiljan Remix) 3. B-NY, Iban Mendoza - Compassion (Kolombo Remix) 4. Andhim - Boy Boy Boy (Original) 5. Kevin Saunderson feat. Inner City - Big Fun 2013 (Full Intention 88 Remix) 6. Steve Silk Hurley - The Word Is Love (Alfred Azzetto Classic Re-Work Remix) 7. Sam Skilz with Miss Ann-P & Henri Kohn - Save My Day (Original Vocal Mix) 8. Kraak & Smaak - The Future is Yours (Prok & Fitch Remix) 9. Todd Terry pres. CLS - Can You Feel It (Prok & Fitch Remix) 10. Africanism All Stars produced by Erik Hagleton & Jeremy Hills - Symphonia (Original) 11. DJ Chus & David Penn feat. Daren J. Bell - Sunshine (Can You Feel It Dub) 12. Friscia & Lamboy - Ha Ha Ha (Original Mix) 13. The Good Men - Give It Up (Chocolate Puma Edit) 14. Play Me Now - I Need Your Love (Miss Ann-P & Henri Kohn Club Mix) CD 2 compiled & mixed by Giorgio Gee 1. The Disco Boys & Cuebrick - Watch Out (A. Lee Remix) 2. Lissat & Voltaxx vs. Blaxx (Italy) - Wanna Funk (Original Mix) 3. Samuele Sartini & Crazibiza feat Jaquita - Keep Dancing 4. Deux - Sun Rising Up (My Digital Enemy Remix) 5. Alex Greed & Swooney feat. Palace - Bounce (Sumo Hadji Remix) 6. Manuel Baccano - So Strung Out (Jay Frog Remix) 7. Tom Franke - Komodo (Marc Van Linden Remix) 8. Dan Martin & Miss Ann-P - Pure Shore (Like Butterflies) (Summer 14 Vocal Reload) 9. Sir Henry - Free Soul (Liquid Cosmo Remix) 10. Ardian Bujupi feat. Tony T - Want U Now (Giorgio Gee Remix) 11. Sean Finn feat. D.I.A - Dirty Moves (Original Mix) 12. Fedde Le Grand - Rockin' N' Rollin' (The Remixes) (Jewelz & Scott Sparks Tomahawk Mix) 13. Giorno - Get Down (Club Mix) 14. Florian Arndt - Like This House (Original Mix) 15. Patric La Funk - Gipsy13 (Filip Riva & Toni Del Gardo's Back in Time Rework) 16. Filip Riva - Dafttastic (Original Mix)

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7. Her Mother's Voice - Documentary by Kevin Ball

Her Mother's Voice - Documentary by Kevin Ball

Last June Sophie Kohn took a microphone and a recorder to her mother's house in Toronto, with a single goal in mind: to preserve the sound of her mother's voice. Her mom Maureen, an internationally-renowned neuropsychologist, was diagnosed with cancer. 'Her Mother's Voice' was produced by CBC Radio's Kevin Ball. Kevin worked with CBC Radio's Steve Wadhams on this item. Kevin participated in The Doc Project's boot camp program in fall of 2014.

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8. SFTL 20 | Jay Karnes | The Shield & SOA

  • Published: 2015-06-21T01:52:24Z
  • By 423radio
SFTL 20 | Jay Karnes | The Shield & SOA

Kevin shoots with Jay Karnes | The Shield and Sons of Anarchy | best known for his role as LAPD detective Holland "Dutch" Wagenbach on The Shield and ATF Agent Kohn on Sons of Anarchy

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9. No Sleep - Tony Vrooman

No Sleep - Tony Vrooman

Written By Tony Vrooman Produced by Dino English Productions Tony Vrooman - Vocals, Guitar Mike Gregory - Bass, Vocals Kevin Simon - Drums Josh Kohn - Lead Guitar Nate Williamson - Keys, Vocals

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10. Wrestling Soapbox: SmackDown Review and Fastlane Preview

Wrestling Soapbox: SmackDown  Review and Fastlane Preview

Randy Orton burns down the Wyatt Family compound. Kevin Owens defends the Universal Title against Goldberg and so much more! Atlee Greene and Adam Kohn review all the goodness that was SmackDown and gives their preview and predictions for WWE Fastlane.

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11. Let's Talk 14: We Speak for the Trees

  • Published: 2016-08-18T02:51:15Z
  • By Anchor
Let's Talk 14: We Speak for the Trees

A cool breeze flows through a large oak tree in your neighbor's backyard. You never consciously noticed until the tree was forcibly removed to make room for some tiki torches and a pool with no deep end and a gross octopus mosaic. Suddenly, you miss the tree. Suddenly, the tree is the only thing that matters. Suddenly, you're purchasing tons and tons of Jello mix to pour into your neighbor's pool. Suddenly, you speak for the tree. This week's episode features waves by Chris-Anne, Ivan Gomez, Nataleigh Kohn, JMack, Bernie @topgold, Kevin Gnome Alone, Jason-Paul, Klaudia Jurewicz, Chase Parker, @scottslone and John Kitto. Let's Talk is brought to you by Anchor, the easiest way to record audio and start conversations with people from all around the world. Visit for more information about how you can join the conversation.

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12. Faulconer the Peacemaker

Faulconer the Peacemaker

Last week on the podcast, hosts Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts referred to Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s leadership as either cowardice or genius. This week, follow up on and talk about the different forms leadership often takes, especially in politics. Lewis backtracks a bit on the labels of cowardice or genius and puts Faulconer firmly in the category of the "peacemaker" type of leader, one who watches situations from the outside and waits for the right opportunity to jump in and pacify all parties. Also on the podcast, Lewis and Keatts bring up Jess Durfee, chair emeritus of the local Democratic Party, who sent out a memo to other members of the Central Committee, alarmed at the “right wing money” being paid to District 3 City Council candidate Anthony Bernal. The memo mentions Mitt Romney’s presence in the city as possible evidence of a growing right-wing force in San Diego. The show ends with an eclectic sampling of San Diego podcasts, including VOSD's new podcasts: San Diego Decides, Good Schools for All and San Diego CultureCast, which will launch soon. Subscribe to the VOSD Podcast on iTunes or get the RSS feed here. Stream it here. This Week in the VOSD Podcast Network There's a lot to unpack when it comes to the topic of education. Good Schools for All, our new education podcast, will approach the topic with the hope of helping listeners navigate current trends, big-picture problems, questions of equity and quality in education and more. VOSD's Scott Lewis and Laura Kohn, executive director of the Education Synergy Alliance, are co-hosting the podcast. Here's Lewis on what to expect: "We hope to have some fun, do some interviews that will make us all think and highlight not only what we need to work on in San Diego, but programs and educators that are excelling." Check out the first episode. If you dig it, be sure to subscribe and leave a review on iTunes. Subscribe to Good Schools for All on iTunes or get the RSS feed here. Stream it here.

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13. Stop 666

Stop 666

All Hallow's Read is here! Stop 666 is a tale that will probably better received by adults - especially with the (ahem) opening bumper. It was partially inspired by a real crossroads in Virginia along Route 666. I took a picture of the stop stop sign, 3 deer ran across the road, and a story was born. This tale is part of the annual tradition I started for myself to share a scary story for Neil Gaiman's All Hallow's Read. I use it as an opportunity to pen an original short story and perform it for the 9th Story and STRY Radio. Part of the fun is that I write and finish it the week of and get it done just in time for Halloween. A Stitch in Time saves Nine. This tale is dedicated to my friends Jonathan Kohn and Richard Starr, Jr., who will know why. It's also for all of my fellow writers - published or not. A very special gingery thanks to my very cool, friend, Nelson W. Pyles, for giving me permission to borrow his character Stitch and the fictional book Raising Demons for Dummies (Millenium Edition). You should pick up a copy of Demons, Dolls, and  Milkshakes to read the work of someone who didn't have to make a Crossroads Deal to get his work published. Here's where to pick it up: Music Courtesy of Kevin McLeod "Tenebrous Brothers Carnival - Prelude" "Red Letter" "Private Reflection" "Twisted" (This one just came out yesterday - sounds like something a "Demon" might play. The price was $5.55 which was also a funny coincidence.) Outro Music Courtesy of Kevin McLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 For a full list of music used in the Outro, click here. Follow us on twitter: @9thstory Email us: [email protected] [email protected] Look for us on Facebook: Leave us a message: (412) 945-7197 A Hc Sunt Fabulas Production Produced by Dan Foytik (c) 2014 Dan Foytik

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14. Angel Anx ft. Amrick Channa - Who Decides (Dub mix)

  • Published: 2010-03-24T20:38:16Z
  • By Angel Anx
Angel Anx ft. Amrick Channa - Who Decides (Dub mix)

Track Feedbacks: Paul Van Dyk – Thx for sending Dubfire – downloading now Roger Sanchez – I play Angel Anx stuff all the time Eddie Halliwell - Kevin Andrews mix sounds my bag Erick Morillo (through Manny) - will pass to Erick Morillo Funkerman - will check this one out on the floor DUB MIX Miss Nine - Great work man! Support Steve Lawler (through Simon Lawler) - will download for steve lawler Chris Montana - Angel Anx instumental is huge! Dr. Kucho – nice track, i like the dub mix Eddie Amador - Philippe B for me! Jason Phats & Small - awesome package, great mixes :) 9/10 Full support Dabruck & Klein - Love the mood of the Dub mix! Kevin (Hoxton Whores) - Wicked Package but The KA remix wins it for me...goes off!! Onionz - Angel Anx mix rocks Jesse Voorn - Like the Kevin Andrews mix! Steve Smart – Tracklisted on Kiss100 Amo & Navas - nice release Dj Dan - best mix : original, will be on my sets & playlist Pearl - Really like the vocals… Original mix is perfect for me! Mike Hiratzka - Kevin Andrews\' mix is wicked! Tough groove, this is definitely going in the bag for WMC... Nino Anthony - Dub mix works for me. Thanks. D:Fuse - Like the Dub and the Beatchuggers Instrumental. Nice work! Will go down very well at the WMC Agent Greg - i like it very much man, nice package!!!!! Willie Morales - Loving this track... the original is my fav... will support Dan Marciano – original & KA remix! will be on my sets & playlist on FG Radio Mousa Clarcke - Cool track, Kevin Andrews mix for me :-) Trisco - Will go for the Kevin Andrtews mix. thnx 8/10 Matt Samuels - downloading cheers x Dumb Dan - Really cool dub by Beatchuggers! Henri Kohn - very nice, dig ur and kevin mixes the most! will play. Marco G - Great pack bro Stephan M / Laurent Simeca - Dub mix is a nicd one :-) Simone Vitullo - Great Project as usually from Angel Anx..I like the Beatchuggers Rmx...I\'ll support all project! Marc Leaf - Kevin Andrews Mix Gets My Nod... Pumpy Sexy!!! Tony Watters - great release .. loads of mixes, lovin the kevin andrews mix & the philippe b and rod debyster mixes .. once again big up 2 tested records Quality !! Robin Chappel - loving the original and the dub mix, great piano! will be supporting in full.. great track for anytime.. 9/10 Frank Franzy - I will definately support this tune on my FM Radio Shows.. Great work

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15. Invisible Airwaves #23 (November 2011 DJ Mix)

Invisible Airwaves #23 (November 2011 DJ Mix)

. . For November's Invisible Airwaves set, we decided to do our end-of-the-year cleaning a month early. Each month will fill our show with two hours of great new music that we've run across but due to time restraints, or to maintain stylistic flow, we aren't able to fit everything in. Thus November's set consists of tracks left over from the previous months as well as a few brand new goodies and one bonafide older "classic." We were worried how naturally this set would flow as it's a bit of a challenge to piece together odds and ends in a DJ set but, despite a couple sudden thematic left turns, the mix turned out kinda nice. By all means, it's no November turkey, har har. We hope you dig it and find some new sonic discoveries of your own within. Here's the track list:Trap.Avoid - Little Countries - Dither DownDeep88 feat The Huge - Italo82 (Disco Dub) - 12RecordsHenri Kohn & Miss Ann-P - The Light (Larse Dub) - ConyaKon & The Gang - Sunlight (Dub) - Hands Of TimeBrett Johnson - Love By My Side - Bang The BoxDeep Space Orchestra - Vanishing Point - Use of WeaponsJustin Simmons - I Need My DIsco Fix (Rotciv Remix) - Eighth DimensionAM / TM - Mazelissimo! - AniligitalC-Rock - Deep In The Green - stir15Marc Smith feat. Kevin Knapp - Stepping Back - Chillin MusicCyclist - Point Blank - Homebreakin RecordsThe Candy Dealers - Danger Zone (Ajello Remix) - Eighth DimensionMario Basanov feat. Miss Bee - Just Think About (Social Disco Club & Mirror People Remix) - Under the ShadeLuke Solomon - Do Something - Eclectic Avenue RecordsLuke Solomon - Dub Something - Eclectic Avenue RecordsDRC Music - Lingala - Warp RecordsMakossa & Megablast - Wangu - Luv Lite RecordingsIz & Diz - Unnnhhh - Classic Music CompanyMakka & Howard Sessions - A Beautiful Day (Ben Dean Remix) - 3am RecordingsPiek & Thinaik - Café de Paris - Smoke N' MirrorsGroove Armada Feat. Bryan Ferry - Shameless Dub - Tummy TouchYou can hear Invisible Airwaves each month on these stations:Enation.FM (USA)Mixology Radio (USA)Play.FM (Austria)Discotheque Radio (Brazil)Tunnel.FM (Sweden)BSP Radio (USA)2B Continued Radio (Israel)Safari Radio 104.7 (Greece) Radio Klub (France)RedSeaDance Radio (Egypt)Lima Xpress (Peru)A portion of the show is also aired monthly on the MaGmA Project Radio Show, syndicated to 45 Italian stations.If you'd like to air my monthly program on your Internet or terrestrial radio station then please contact me by clicking HERE.Q-Burns Abstract Message on Facebook: Abstract Message on Google+: 

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16. Getting Superintendents and Students to Stick Around

Getting Superintendents and Students to Stick Around

Superintendents don't stick around for long. A 2014 analysis by EdSource, a nonprofit advocating for public school improvement, found that two-thirds of superintendents at California's largest public school districts served three years or less. Increasingly, though, it's up to these newbie superintendents to persuade more students and their families to stick around at traditional schools, and resist the urge to transfer to one of the growing number of charter schools in the state. On this week’s podcast, Luis Ibarra, superintendent of Escondido Union School District, joined host Scott Lewis to talk about competition between traditional and charter schools. The Escondido Union School District serves about 17,000 students, down from previous years. Ibarra is in his second year as superintendent. "We're starting to look at, 'What are we doing systemically throughout our district to make [traditional schools] more appealing, reach our students more and make education innovative and creative for our students?'" Ibarra said. The district recently created a task force to find out why parents are taking students from traditional schools and enrolling them in charter schools. Lewis and co-host Laura Kohn also discuss an interview with Louis Freedberg, executive director at EdSource, about the huge turnover rate of superintendents and whether those changes impact students' quality of education. Got thoughts, opinions or experiences with this? Call 619-354-1085 and leave your name, neighborhood and story so we can play the voicemail on future episodes. Number of the Week 11: The number of San Diego County school districts that will have new superintendents in the 2016-2017 school year. What’s Working Superintendents Kevin Holt of the San Marcos Unified School District and Francisco Escobedo of the Chula Vista Elementary School District are long-serving superintendents in the county. Holt began in 2008, Escobedo in 2010.

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