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1. No Ordinary Love Lyrics

No Ordinary Love Lyrics

Uhh uhh uhh uhh While you smoke the lye (Shit uhh uhh) I drink the brew (JaySon, Ed O.G. check it out) You smoke the lye [Big Juan] Growin up didn't know enough, now I got the touch Gettin sick on the

3. Home Lyrics

Home Lyrics

[G-Squared scratches] "Boston" "Boston" "Representin' mass" "Boston" "The worst" "Fuckin' Boston" "Boston" [Verse 1: XL] We're from the B to the O-S-T-O-N where cats double push friends for dollars an

4. Wait a Minute Lyrics

Wait a Minute Lyrics

[Verse 1:] I punch niggas in the face merely for kicks I got game plus a team, a couple cheerleader chicks I enter the center severely equipped And knock that beer in your lip back to the rear of your

5. Illegal Angelz Lyrics

Illegal Angelz Lyrics

Ripping the skies See them bring darkness Flying far from hope A journey without wingz Unseen yet felt Nor wishing to been seen Those illegal angelz Spreading unlight Oak covered Swallowed forgivene