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1. There She Goes Lyrics

There She Goes Lyrics

La's The La's There She Goes There she goes There she goes again Racing thru' my brain And I just can't contain This feelin' that remains There she blows There she blows again Pulsing thru' my

2. Feeling Lyrics

Feeling Lyrics

La's The La's Feeling I woke up with a feeling And found me lying on the floor I look up at the ceiling I must be dreaming When I get that feeling Oh my Lord I can't take no more You can't stop

3. Liberty Ship Lyrics

Liberty Ship Lyrics

La's The La's Liberty Ship I am the toiler the old ship-slave I stoke the fire that keep you brave And this I give for all mankind Sail away on an ocean wave I am the voyager of the ocean grey I

4. Son Of A Gun Lyrics

Son Of A Gun Lyrics

La's The La's Son Of A Gun If you want I'll sell you a life story About a man who's at loggerheads with his past all the time He's alive and living in purgatory All he's doing is rooming up in hote

5. Freedom Song Lyrics

Freedom Song Lyrics

La's The La's Freedom Song All this world seems bent upon Contemplating Babylon Fate is sealed inside a bomb Where has all the freedom gone There's a place for everyone Live and die our Kingdom C

6. Lookin' Glass Lyrics

Lookin' Glass Lyrics

La's The La's Lookin' Glass Tell me where I'm going... Tell me where I'm bound... Turn the pages over Turn the world around Open up the broken door for all lost will be found Walk into the empty

7. Timeless Melody Lyrics

Timeless Melody Lyrics

La's The La's Timeless Melody The melody always finds me Whenever the thought reminds me Breaking a chain inside my head The melody chord unwinds me The rhythm of life unties me Brushing the s

8. I.o.u. Lyrics

I.o.u. Lyrics

La's The La's I.o.u. Everyday there's always... Much to pay the law says... I owe you - you owe me I know you can stand on your Own two feet On this street for knowledge You must eat your porrid

9. Doledrum Lyrics

Doledrum Lyrics

La's The La's Doledrum Oh no don't go down to Doledrum Oh no don't go down to Doledrum If you know what's good for you Then you know what you can do Just 'get up a fuss and shout' Get on the bus

10. Way Out Lyrics

Way Out Lyrics

La's The La's Way Out Give me one last kiss Before I walk out of this Give me some money 'Cos I'm right in a hurry To get a way out of this But I'm telling you this That I don't aim to miss To

11. I Can't Sleep Lyrics

I Can't Sleep Lyrics

La's The La's I Can't Sleep I was lookin' thru my window I was lookin' thru my eyes And there's a big black car coming Get off the street outside - come in Go into a pipedream no-one listens anywa

12. Failure Lyrics

Failure Lyrics

La's The La's Failure No you can't throw failure over your shoulder If you don't look after - you gonna look back No you can't hurry's holding you back In the grip of an onset you run

13. La La Land Lyrics

La La Land Lyrics

City of stars Are you shining just for me? City of stars There's so much that I can't see Who knows? I felt it from the first embrace I shared whith you That now our dreams They've finaly come true

14. La edad de oro (Velcro Kahi remix) Lyrics

La edad de oro (Velcro Kahi remix) Lyrics

Sandra Into A Secret Land La Vista De Luna (Cretu/Kemmler - Hirschburger/Cretu/Muller-Pi) i know the name of a lonely place it's called: la vista de luna when you're a part of the island-life you fee

15. S.O.S. (Monk's Energy mix) Lyrics

S.O.S. (Monk's Energy mix) Lyrics

Chorus: Sending you an S.O.S of love You're all I'm thinking of Would you be mine Be my destiny tonight Sending you an S.O.S of love You're all I'm thinking of Would you be mine Be my destiny, my ever

16. La Presencia de Tu Ser Lyrics

La Presencia de Tu Ser Lyrics

Veo en tu mirar algo que me llama no sé qué será la forma en que reacciona mi corazón se siente rico en todo mi interior Creo que moriré Si algún día me entero que te perderé se encuentr

17. La Noche Que Murió Chicago Lyrics

La Noche Que Murió Chicago Lyrics

My daddy was a cop on the east side of Chicago Back in the U.S.A. back in the bad old days In the heat of a summer night In the land of the dollar bill When the town of Chicago died And they talk abo

18. La Incondicional Lyrics

La Incondicional Lyrics

La Academia Miscellaneous La Incondicional Tú, la misma siempre tú Amistad, ternura qué sé yo Tú, mi sombra has sido tú La historia de un amor Que no fue nada Tú, mi eternamente tú U

19. La Primera Versión Lyrics

La Primera Versión Lyrics

La primera versión de tus ojos mirando La perdí por temor a seguirte mirando La primera versión de tu mano y mi mano Se la di a un escultor para hacerte un regalo Y se la quedó Y así s

20. La Tempestad Lyrics

La Tempestad Lyrics

La rapidez del viento en la tempestad te seduce te hace suspirar El resplandor del rayo en la noche siempre te excita te dejas deslumbrar Pero te olvidas de mirar el movimiento de las olas l