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[email protected] Feat. TORCHFVCE ( Prod. @lilwitchking [Verse I: Lil Witch King] Rare gems on deck Human teeth around my neck Rose gold aztec Panther pelts on all my set I said my chain drip drip But I ain't hit a fuckin lick We huntin big game bitch I ain't starvin with your clique Got some bodies on lye Commas online Gaudy blue sky Bottle bone dry [Verse II: Slim Pariah] [Verse III: Torchfvce]

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2. Verse of the Week #2: "Prepare For Reactive Adaptation" by Fineprint Misread

Verse of the Week #2:

"Prepare For Reactive Adaptation" Make a nigga swallow his pride-- straight, no chaser No competition, only elevators to the paper I mean, these niggaz 'round me nice, but they ain't 'bout it I'm nice as in proper, not a stain on me like Docker's Was in my lab under preservation, fresh out the stasis pod Rip the EKG pads from my arm Red alert, there goes alarm But everything's irie, nothin' can tire me You admire me, face facts or suffer disfigurement Niggaz overbite the style, tear a periodontal ligament Cold world, even colder heart Right ventricle creates blizz-ards Bizarre as Bizarro talkin' backwards, remain brick hard So cocky that my dick hard Lay on a bitch, brainstorm on her thunder thighs Write rhymes wit' fire in my eyes, blood pourin' from the skies Change disguise, shift shape like Max Steel I'm that real from bricks to vials, base in the flesh getcha caps peeled Back... like we makin' pelts Backstrokin' in the mainstream, gold on the neck like Mike Phelps Heh... yeah, I ain't done... I got the gall, now these niggaz bladders sour Pissed off an' irate at the man of the hour Fuck it, I'm more like the father of time Evolvin', 7:30 to ya quarter to 9 Crazy, insane, membrane open like Cobain Benoit when I murk my sons, they wanna end moi Okay, that line was in poor taste Fuck it, eat the baby food an' rock ya bitter face The say Fineprint always comin' wit' them battle lines Y'all never respond to my conscious bars So I opened up the backpack, pulled out the gauntlet Infinity none, cut niggaz down short since they jaunted Their way in this game I came to reign/rain like King Kai on a nimbus I'm on Mt. Olympus, fuck them niggaz Start up the symphony, let the trumpets blast some syphilis A lil' bit of string play, like this an' like that Violins, graphic violence, pilin' on as violent winds Blow thru the district wit' swiftness Revealin' runes that are cryptic, hidden in my flesh We can't agree, you lack the kismet All on my dick, like gang signs, you got it twisted I craft jewels then flood like Gilgamesh Fuck ya record sales, I'm still the best Swag can't win a war, this ain't Rip the Runway Fuck Balenciagas, I'm plenty hotter Still raw wit' the cut like Benihanas... Heh... an' that's that, that's that...

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3. Lincoln Loud vs Charlie Brown. Animation vs Anything Season 1

Lincoln Loud vs Charlie Brown. Animation vs Anything Season 1

I finally upgraded my mic from a potato to a cauliflower Eddie as Lincoln Loud Tuna as Charlie Brown garbageGothic as Lucy Loud (Cameo) Lincoln Loud: ARGGH! I’ve been Left In The Dark with a ghost kid! I’ll be taking the pistachio - leaving a Peanut roasted Number One on Nickelodeon ever since my show begun You couldn’t come back with a movie and Boomerang Reruns You wanna face Ace Savvy? (Ha!) The win is in the cards This dog needs to head back to his house in his backyard It’s not a knock on Woodstock when I flip you lyrical birds But i’ll burst your speech bubbles and you’ll be lost for words! Charlie Brown: Good Grief! 11 Louds A Leaping on my fame I guess the offi-Schulz call this foul fair game But a footballer like me doesn’t give up and i’ll be winning Cuz when it comes to going Abra-ham, you’re the weakest Lincoln My comic strip’s synonymous with your genre’s beginning You’re as faceless as your parents - with a fitting upbringing All your gibberish - I trump-it! You’re just lying like Snoopy Take all the money your show has earned and seek help from Lucy Lincoln Loud: The same Lucy that Van Pelts you with horrible advice? Your venting rhymes should cease when we serve you a Slice of Life Charlie Brown: You’ve goth to me kidding me - advice from the Kite-Eating Tree? You’re a Lil’ Folk-al point in a show filled with better leads Lincoln Loud: I’ll be a cyst-er when I get under your skin by myself! Picked last in sports but picked on first anywhere else! Charlie Brown: Yeah, I get bullied all the time - I wouldn’t trade it for the world While your trade in the world is being juxtaposed with girls I got a museum, awards, and a legacy in my knuckles But I totally can’t compare to having a gay couple! I’ll find Lincoln’s blindside and have a Peanut make you brittle You’ll never stand out as an amalgam In The Middle Your show’s a bigger let down than Ronnie Anne’s face Give your sisters a SMOOCH to please your sick fanbase Happiness is when you leave - see, I just want you gone The Loud House goes silent when I show my Charlotte Braun Lincoln Loud: Do you feel Better When You’re Dancing around the point of this battle? Sit and ponder on the fourth wall like i’m breaking through your babble! Now folks, I’m a straight baller at Charlie - here’s the catch The Louds have beaten a more comprehensible oaf in Swift’s match Your comic’s left under, where, my ratings soar as they should No room for a Kite-Eating Tree in our Royal Woods And you can whine and complain that I bit off your fame But your Great pumped kin’s taking over for good Coverart by Eddie Written by Eddie Mixed by Skeep Prod. by I don't remember i'll update this later NEXT BATTLE: Black People (ft. JChay) Explanation for last hint since some people didnt get it and i dont blame you for not getting it: these guys are unlucky nagito is lucky hence they are not nagito

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  • Published: 2018-04-11T20:08:43Z
  • By Jondee

Lyrics: Fuck G-Eazy, Fuck Macklore, FUck y'all lil bih wanna do drugs are u tryna get mugged u should call tha plug cuz u been on ur phone tel her ass to unplug n give ma dik a big hug tell dat hoe 2 kiss my azz cuz she dnt think i got tha ca$h ionreally need to speak english cuz fuck y'all americans lol ion really need to censor shit cuz this is the real dan ion really fuck with fame so i won't blow like the taliban even tho I'm more talented and i love em but ion really know my dad fuck the politicians and musicians in the industry fuck the white and blacks and asians actin like they aint inbred bich u been american confess that u confederate (racist af) bof sides i feel like ur bloodline on shenanigans they (bich ass government) be tryna go and hypnotize you against the inner city lil suburban girls wanna fuck the ghetto for its skin to wear they be wearin pelts, got that guap on they belt, how did it felt picking a concrete flower can't GET it OUT the shelf mhm they'll see that I'm raw, i don't need an image you are an embarrassment to my fucking lineage (white people) ghetto people know that ur fake when u claim their struggle i speak for myself when i say that you act like white gurl It's Daniel, I been tryin my whole life to disprove your misconceptions you thought that I'm like u but I'm from a different nest, bitch I am lyke last gen of humanity ik thats why u laughed at me but I'm suckin breastfed nesquik from her memories fuck where u baptized and blessed corruption charity ima bury you where mother earth rests her sanity disagree with patriarchy but men extort woman retort I will fuck up anyone that infringes on me outta court Politicians should cage fight see ur real character u whore JD is a jedi and i touch the sky cuz I'm with the force Compared to y'all I'm upright with a hunch for the truth and I'm hung wif some hooves and my tendencies is savage You should peep at my statistics My dna is ambitious I stay on actual topics I see you're vibrating average But I stay real energetic Cuz I been smoking that cabbage yo biches pussy get ravaged i cannot stop it it's natural dont interrupt on my magic work harder than u imagine fuck imagine dragons thats tha proof that tha industry lacking Highwood been pistol packin i dont consider it bragging my girl from nogo not average if u not from chicago u faggot man im just saying Highwood is a suburb but we be harder than most y'all fake ass fuckheads

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