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2. Miss u Dark Work

Miss u Dark Work

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4. I aint ever gone chaNGE - 187, Sick 1, LJ,51-50

I aint ever gone chaNGE - 187, Sick 1, LJ,51-50


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8. Dark Work Records - Two Lovers - YouTube

Dark Work Records - Two Lovers - YouTube


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9. Up in this game 187-AL

Up in this game 187-AL

i do this shit up on the daily sick of being broke when's this label gunna pay me , i got to do this one right here for my bay-be... G double o-n-i-e thaths my nigga for life, i said ilove u little cousin ill always stand by your side... i said im ready to ride no matter the vendetta.... i said ill never let a anotha eva get ahead of me up in this game i said show-tee...,whats your name 5'4" with a bad little frame..... n i said brown eyes i said with some tall ass legs... .i said baby walk come my way who gives a fuck about what they say.... cause at the end of the day im still right here n....... going any way...isaid . my baby gots my back and i said know what your love it takes me back from the beging to end you always got my back no matter what matter what happenz....isaid D-A-R-K-W-O-R-K all day every day all day to the death i die u know what i mean.... im gunna ride 187 my names the cause of weopons said im steadily steppin there direction givin a fuck about their complextion isaid im a ridah smoke all nighta want to get high but i forgot my lighta light it up n blaze it up so i can get a little higher.... i hold it in my chest blow it out relieve my stress because my lifes a mess....but i said who want to test me... blippity blip and its over your fuckin with a DARK WORK souja you think you cold boi... i said i bet im a little colda..... i said dark work sick flowa... u all wishin it ova .... i said u know what i mean boi .... itz already ova sick in the dome and i dont know why my homies a nine mill my best friendz a fo five one of these days were gunna open up live so pass me the mutha fuckin mic and let me lace it, let me lace it .. isaid i want it so bad i can taste it "187 you cant fuck with mines cause im ridah mutha fucka said ill die for mines" i put it down for the O-G-D-E-N-T-R-E-C-E yall bitchez can not fuck with me cause im ridah..... ridah..... hustla....inside look me in the eyes mutha fucka bet u scared for your life... isaid that i dont know ... i got a lot of things goin runnin threw my dome.. i said its on tonight ... in the blocks of the OGD_En... yall bitchez cant not fuck wit me... n if your fake... home boi... step stay away from me... i remember every thing u didnt do for me.... i was on my only... loney i didnt have no body.... all i really had was me n my noddi... mobbin around on side... with a 380 on my side ... givin a fuck do or die u know what i mean.... ill take yo life n ill take mine .... N ILL TAKE MINE im hustla in this game.... and best bieleve.... mutha fucka that ill make you bleed..... i said ill make u bleed....' ill make u bleed.... ill blow your brain..... ill blow your brain ill make you bleed ill load it up ill let it bust ill let it bust il let it bust.... dark work RECORDS way is way to gansterous.... ISAID M-E-A-T-H-E-A-D aLL DAY EVERY DAY ..., ALL DAY N ILL NEVER CHANGE ILL REMAIN TO BE THE SAME N NEVER SWITCH LANES LIKE THESE LAMES KNOW WHAT I MEAN IM RIGHT HERE I AINT GOING ANY WERE iSAID... THIS IS MY YEAR.... MY YEAR YOU CANT NOT FUCK WITH ME CAUSE IM HUSTLA MUTHA FUCKA...... STRAIGHT RIGHT FROM THE STREETS...... BORN N RAISED FROM THE GUTTER WITHA SICK STUTTER N ISAID..... NEVER WILL THERE BE ANOTHA THAT CAN FUCK WITH MINES BECAUSE IM A HUSTLA MUTHA FUCKA ISAID ILL DIE FOR MINES I SAID BLIPPTY BLIP ITS OVER.... ISAID RIP UP THESE LINES ...I SAID OVER OVA FRE STYLE FLOWA.... FUCK A PEN AND A PAPER I SAID BOI I KEEP ON GOIN...GOIN ... I SAID IM GUNNA RIDE FOR MINES... CAUSE IM A RIDER MUTHA FUCKA ILL SAID ILL DIE FOR MINES..... DARK WORK RECORDS... YOU CANT GET WITH MINES ... CAUSE IM A HUSTLER .... MUTHA FUCKER.... MAKE THAT ASS FLAT LINE.... I SAID IF YOU WANT IT COME AND GET IT IM RIGHT HERE IM JUST SPITTIN U KNOW WHAT I MEAN..... ISAIDBOI LEAVE YOU WITH YOUR BRAIN LEAKIN... I SAID ...COME N GET IT.... IF YOU WANT TO GET DONE UP..... ISAID MUTHA FUCKIN MIDDLE FINGER TO A FUCKIN PUNK... I SAID PUNK... I SAID IM ALL UP ON MY OWNLEY..... I SAID ITS LATELY ITS LIKE I DONT HAVE ANY HOMIES.... THE ONLY ONES WHO GOTS MY BACK IS MY FAMILY TO THE END THAT WHY IM GUNNA MOBB FOR THEM N ONLY THEM THE REST OF YOU LAMES SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YO SELF IS THAT THE KINDA LOVE U DO TO SOME ONE THAT GIVES YOU HELP I GAVE YOU A HOME I GAVE YOUR ASS A PLACE TO STAY... N WHAT DID YOU DO FUCKIN ROBB N STEAL MY THANGS FUCK A LAME ISAID IT WILL NEVER CHANGE.... THIS PAIN IN MY HEART .... WILL NEVER GO AWAY TO THE ONES WHO HAD ME AND REALLY HAD ME N REALLY GOT MY BACK ISAID I LUV YOU MUTHA FUCKAS I REALLY GOT YOUR BACK AND IF I SAID I LOVE YOU THEN IMEAN THAT SHIT FOR REAL SO TELL ME HOW THE FUCK IM SUPPOSE TO FEEL ALL THESE MUTHA FUCKAS SWITCH INTO LAMES BUT I REMAIN TO BE THE SAME PUTTIN IT DOWN FOR MY GANG

nothing at of , which is

13. smokin all my d

smokin all my d


nothing at of , which is

16. Dark Work Records 187 Sick Beat :)

Dark Work Records 187 Sick Beat :)

Sick Beat By Me

nothing at of , which is

18. I Love My Family

I Love My Family

nothing at of , which is

20. Dark Work Records- Serve Ya Luni3

Dark Work Records- Serve Ya Luni3

Serve Ya - Luni3

nothing at of , which is