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1. Roberto Attanasio - Isolated III

Roberto Attanasio - Isolated III

New album "Isolated" from Roberto Attanasio, available to pre-order. The album will be fully released on October 20th. Available in digital and limited white vinyl edition.

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2. Andrea Carri - Time flies

Andrea Carri - Time flies

Stunning piano piece from the "Chronos" album by Andrea Carri.

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4. Alex Up & No!zer - Memory

Alex Up & No!zer - Memory

Out Now: Alex Up & No!zer: Big Fish Recordings:

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5. MANIK - Memory One

MANIK - Memory One Poker Flat's Forward To The Past anthology returns in its 3rd iteration, as lean and mean as it ever was and precision- engineered to make you jack, dream and all things in between. The winning formula remains the same: task a selection of hots- hot veteran and up-and-coming producers with recapturing the style and mood of early club music, paying homage to the golden years between 1985 and 1992 when Chicago House and Acid, New York House and Detroit Techno took the world and its dancefloors by storm. The result is a coll- ection of new and exclusive tracks as ad- dictive as the stone cold classics that in- fluenced them - a tribute and, at the same time, the cutting edge of contemporary music production. LA-based compatriot MANIK contributes a rolling, no-frills jam that sticks to the tried and tested production values of early acid as if to say, "Why mess with perfection?" From his small Amsterdam studio crammed with classic drum machines and synths, Wouter de Moor serves up 'Bon Voyage', a simmering analogue acid jam bedecked with snickering percussive flourishes and long, sustained chords for that blue-tinged Detroit vibe. Pavel Iudin, meanwhile, adds jazzy Rhodes inflections and whistling birdsong to a similarly bubbling groove. Veteran DJ Aakmael adopts the classic Juno bass sound to pay homage to the godfather of deep, Larry Heard, for an ex- ercise in immersive repetition. Tracklisting: 01. MANIK: Memory One 02. Wouter de Moor: Bon Voyage 03. Pavel Iudin: Casino Time 04. DJ Aakmael: Dubb 3

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6. Aroy Dee @ Memory Berlin 11-08-2012

Aroy Dee @ Memory Berlin 11-08-2012

Ashes 2 Ashes - 11-08-2012 :// About Blank - Memory - Berlin - Edited DJ-set Aroy Dee Tracklisting: 1. D'marc Cantu - The other side 2. R-A-G - Fog 3. Steve Murphy - Chasm 4. Two Dogs In A House - Next to You 5. Innerspace Halflife - Wind 6. Orgue Electronique - Saturated 7. Santos - Work The Box 8. Crystal Maze - Dr. Claw 9. Dieptepunt - DeltaFunktionen rmx 10. Aroy Dee - Ashes2Ashes 11. LIES - bad news 12. Actress - The Lords Graffity 13. Dan Curtin - Matter of Sound 14. B. Baxter - Fuck U Up 15. Luke Slater - Love 16. Carl Craig - Chicken Noodle Soup 17. Octave 1 - Love&Hate 18. JTC - The Controller 19. Anthony Shakir - Electron Rider

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7. HM505 - Memory Gland Third Ear Recordings

HM505 - Memory Gland Third Ear Recordings

Hm505 is the alias of Chicago producer, Hakim Murphy. 505 Explorations sounds deceptively simple and raw. This is a raw Chicago House record, but one sounding like it has been bleeped from the future to us. Like the early Detroit Techno records, this music leaves you wondering where it's from, who made it, when they made it…and Where Can I Get It?! Hakim is a producer/DJ from the Chicago area who's musical style ranges from house to techno. His journey began as a dancer in Chicago and therefore it may be no surprise that a lot of his musical influences come from Larry Heard, Robert Armani, Dance Mania, Relief and Cajual records. As a Chicago footwork dancer, Hakim gradually became inspired by the music and began playing records in 1996. Since then he has ventured into production work and eventually founded two records labels in 2008: Machining Dreams; and Synapsis Records with Avondale Music Society. With many releases under his belt for labels such as Metamorphic, Synapsis, and Planet Detroit or his collaborative projects such as Innerspace Halflife, Dream Scoring and Pegasus Heat, Hakim’s production output has steadily grown in stature. Now Hakim Murphy has put on his white coat and gone into the music lab to make an HM505 record. What he's come out with is quite breathtaking. "The name HM505 comes from the university system in the USA. 505 signifies a Masters degree course, and HM505 is me bringing together the culmination of all my techniques. I have a Batchelors degree in music composition, but getting suited up as HM505 feels like I’m further ahead than that. I record a specific way as HM505, I create some sounds, a groove and some drums. The synth sounds come from everywhere, like an iPad or a DAW, or a synth, but I import all those sounds into an MPC and then I add a drum machine and record all of it live with a Kaoss pad for augmentation. Essentially the Kaoss pad adds an extra dimension to the music that is critical to the HM505 sound.” From the subtle and ethereal flowing pads of ‘Memory Gland’ to the muddled echo chamber resonance of ‘Camera Angle’ and the mutated acid house of ‘Hilt’d’ Hakim Murphy takes us on a truly maverick house exploration.

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8. Memory Loss Featuring Amy Kirkpatrick - Only Now (Original Mix)

Memory Loss Featuring Amy Kirkpatrick - Only Now (Original Mix)

Available here: For her release on GO On Air Recordings Memory Loss teamed up with Amy Kirkpatrick and her mesmerizing vocals. ‘Only Now’ is a very ‘pleasant to the ear’ trancer, with just the right amount of uplifting beats and tingling melodies. GOA 024 Memory Loss Featuring Amy Kirkpatrick - Only Now 1. Original Mix Subscribe to Black Hole Recordings TV : Spotify: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

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9. Suncatcher & Exolight - Memory Of You [OUT NOW]

Suncatcher & Exolight - Memory Of You [OUT NOW]

Stream / Download: Label: Always Alive Recordings Cat. Number: ALWAYSA177 Subscribe to Always Alive: Suncatcher returns to Always Alive Recordings with the help of debutant Exolight in an inspiring new uplifter 'Memory Of You'. Full of Suncatcher's trademark melodic prowess, atmospherics and energy 'Memory Of You' sees two impressive talents combine in a classic-tinged production with a stand-out melody that ties up the label's stellar 2016. With a beautiful undercurrent, encompassing atmosphere, Suncatcher returns to Always Alive in a stunning new collaboration with Exolight 'Memory Of You'. Connect with Suncatcher: @bogdan-cupcea Connect with Exolight: Connect with Always Alive Recordings: Web: Spotify: Beatport: Facebook: Twitter: SoundCloud:

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10. Louis Haiman - The Cosmic Memory EP (Marcel Dettmann Remix) // [AERA017]

Louis Haiman - The Cosmic Memory EP (Marcel Dettmann Remix) // [AERA017]

Artist: Louis Haiman Title: The Cosmic Memory EP (Marcel Dettmann Remix) Label: Indigo Aera Catno: AERA017 Release Date: 25 September 2016 A1: How Free Am I (Original 1999 Version) B1: Hidden Knowledge B2: How Free Am I (Marcel Dettmann Remix) The first 50 copies sold at the Delsin webshop come with a unqiue download code for the track "How free am i (2014 version)" This digital only track will only be available for the first 50 customers. Available here: Louis Haiman returns to Indigo Aera with The Cosmic Memory EP, which features two originals as well as a remix by Berghain heavyweight Marcel Dettmann. Haiman, who is also known for his output on Transmat and Abstract Forms, last released on Indigo Aera in 2012 with the highly acclaimed techno 2LP called Soul Purpose. In the past years Louis established himself as a producer with the ability to create avant-garde futuristic techno in classical Detroit roots. His first single here is 'How Free Am I', and is eight delicate minutes of floating ambience and subtle, stripped back rhythm. It's all in the bassline at first, after pixel thin synths float in like fireflies before static crackle and soft percussions flesh out the heavenly sound world. Soothing and absorbing throughout, it becomes a forceful and high pressure bit of techno in the hands of Marcel Dettmann who layers in solid kicks and clacking hits to drive things along. 'Hidden Knowledge' is then a slithering bit of atmospheric electro with rumbling synths and pads suspending you in deep space. It rounds out a captivating EP. Selected feedback so far: Don Williams (Mojuba / a.r.t.less / wandering) just wow, thank you very much! Samuli Kemppi Gorgeous music here. Thank you. Heiko Laux (Kanzleramt Music) sooo lovely and refreshing! Dan Curtin (Metamorphic) both originals are original and creative and I'm loving the direction that MD takes things Francois K (Deep Space NYC / Wave Music) Very nicely put together. Dettmann remix will probably be the one that works in clubs. Anthony Parasole (The Corner/Ostgut Ton) yes!!!! John Beltran (Lansing) Louis my man! Love "How Free I am" Original !! Rolando (R3 / Ostgut Ton) Both originals are Dope, plus a killer remix from Dettmann = YES!!! John Osborn (Tanstaafl Records) yeah amazing stuff! Dax J (Monnom Black) love it thanks! Jonas Kopp (Traut / Manzel) (Berlin) Marcel Remix for me , originals are cool too. thanks. Truncate/Audio Injection (Truncate) (Los Angeles) wrote Solid Dj Deep (Deeply Rooted House) (Paris) NICE RELEASE Mano le Tough (Permanent Vacation) Yep. fantastic. so into these! Marco Zenker (Ilian Tape) Really nice record again on Indigo Aera. Paul Boex (Dynamic Reflection) Congratulations to my buddies Jasper & Maarten for gettin' the Dett on board! Nice stuff! Aiken (Timeline/Non Series/Semantica) Fan of this label! Karim Sahraoui (Transmat/Mirakles) Well done are really talented and thanks to Indigo for putting out his material. Ryan James Ford (ACR/SHUT/MDR) Hidden Knowledge is a funky little one! Fabrice Lig (Planet E) Really nice one ! Love "How Free Am I" Epic journey! Answer Code Request (Ostgut Ton) !!! Darko Esser (Doornroosje) Dope!! Pär Grindvik (Stockholm LTD) I had to jump out of the shower to check the player! "How Free Am I" Ohh Ohh Ohh Mosca (Ann Aimee, Not So Much, Prime Numbers) Triplets - it's on! Albert van Abbe (VANABBE / No Comment) Very refreshing material! Love the originals! Nuno Dos Santos (Something Happening Somewhere) Love this ep! Roman Lindau (Fachwerk) Really like ´Hidden Knowledge´! Dustin Zahn (Enemy Records) all three tracks are great for various reasons. strong ep! Shlømo (Taapion, Delsin) (Paris) dettmann remix for me ! Slam (Soma Records) cool tunes - Always love Marcel's vibes - thanx Shifted (Avian) yes! more dettmann.. always a good thing :)

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11. Just a Memory [Released - Atom Recordings]

  • Published: 2011-12-30T22:48:05Z
  • By Au5
Just a Memory [Released - Atom Recordings]

Come at me.

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13. Kernel Key - Memory Lost [Greta Recordings]

Kernel Key - Memory Lost [Greta Recordings]

Artist: Kernel Key Title: Borbonic Signs EP Label: Greta Recordings Catalogue: GRT007 Genre: Techno Release date: 7 July 2014 Tracklist: 1. Borbonic Signs 2. Area 081 3. Memory Lost We're at the seventh release of Greta Recordings supported by great international DJs. This time there are three explosive tracks, even if different between them. It starts with “Borbonic Signs”, the track that represents the EP, in true Kernel Key style with funky-techno rhythm accompanied by jazz melodies played live with a Piano. "Area 081" is the second track, which is also very funky and very rhythmic with synth-brass in prominence. Closing the EP is "Memory Lost", a dark and hypnotic composition, more than the other tracks. An engaging EP, this is surely not to be missed too!

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15. AVA167 - Memory Loss - Maybe Tomorrow *Cut from ASOT #804* Out Now!*

AVA167 - Memory Loss - Maybe Tomorrow *Cut from ASOT #804* Out Now!*

Canadian artist Memory Loss makes her debut on AVA with the lush "Maybe Tomorrow". Melding smooth progressive vibes with beautiful plucks and soundscapes, "Maybe Tomorrow" packs a punch while retains the essence of what AVA is all about. One serious debut for this rising star.

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16. DEAS - Memory Scan EP (incl. Robert S (PT) Remix) - OFF149 // Preview

DEAS - Memory Scan EP (incl. Robert S (PT) Remix) - OFF149 // Preview ---- Following releases on Kevin Saunderson's KMS label, DEAS presents a relentlessly functional 4 track EP for OFF. "Memory Scan" relies on a loopy stab pattern to create a hypnotic atmosphere. Robert S (PT) takes things towards a rawer direction, with distrted drums and overdriven synths in his remix of Memory Scan. Forgotten Card opens the soundscapce with emotional and trippy combination of melodies. And Transistor is the perfect "closing track" with its spaced out melancholic pads.

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17. Memory Loss - Fugue State (Original Mix)

Memory Loss - Fugue State (Original Mix)

Available here: It’s time for a female touch on In Trance We Trust. Memory Loss delivers a fiery trancer with ‘Fugue State’. It’s intense and melodic, with a very powerful break. Epic! In Trance We Trust 677-0
 Memory Loss - Fugue State
 1. Original Mix Subscribe to Black Hole Recordings TV : Spotify: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: VK:

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18. Deep Space Orchestra - Memory

Deep Space Orchestra - Memory

Mixed and mastered by The Revenge. Available in double gatefold vinyl, CD and digital format from Bandcamp:

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19. AVAW034 - Memory Loss - Maybe Tomorrow (Ferry Tayle Remix) *Out Now!*

AVAW034 - Memory Loss - Maybe Tomorrow (Ferry Tayle Remix) *Out Now!*

Making a huge debut on AVA, FSOE's Ferry Tayle drops by with a stunning remix of Memory Loss' ASOT supported beauty "Maybe Tomorrow". While the original touched on the slower bpm's, Ferry Tayle takes the bpm up and injects the track with waves of energy. Peak time in ever sense of the word!

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20. MIKA VAINIO - Muisto Palaa Selittämättömästi/A Memory Returning Inexplicably (iDEAL149 CD)

MIKA VAINIO - Muisto Palaa Selittämättömästi/A Memory Returning Inexplicably (iDEAL149 CD)

Last piece on the upcoming Mika Vainio CD on iDEAL entitled "Mannerlaatta". This is the original soundtrack to the Mika Taanila film with the same title. Edition of 500 copies will be available in August 2016, or earlier. FILM CREDITS: Mannerlaatta (Tectonic Plate) director: Mika Taanila text: Harry Salmenniemi English translation: Lola Rogers music: Mika Vainio graphic design: Markus Pyörälä sound design: Olli Huhtanen producer: Jussi Eerola production company: Elokuvayhtiö Testifilmi Oy, Helsinki

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