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1. Treehouse Lyrics

Treehouse Lyrics

Nada Surf High-Low Treehouse i can see the things she does for me i'm living in a treehouse i live in constant fear awakening must be near i'm sleeping in a dreamhouse a tine in the fork in the

2. Hollywood Lyrics

Hollywood Lyrics

Nada Surf High-Low Hollywood been trying to be cool ever since high school cool like the stars and sexy people in bars the stars will fall they'll line up in the hall may sound nice, but it's ugly

3. Nothing Lyrics

Nothing Lyrics

Nada Surf Miscellaneous Nothing i didn't do anything today lazyhead i didn't do anything today stay in bed i'm finally doing what i said i'd never do i'm doing nothing i'm doing it for you and

4. Deeper Well Lyrics

Deeper Well Lyrics

Nada Surf High-Low Deeper Well if i fell down a big hole would you tell how do you know it's a deepening well like the big o i know it's a bad scene to be whole it's a bad dream i hope marie t

5. Always Love Lyrics

Always Love Lyrics

To make a mountain of your life Is just a choice But I never learned enough To listen to the voice that told me Always love Hate will get you every time Always love Don't wait til the finish line Slo

6. Looking Through Lyrics

Looking Through Lyrics

I'm not really here I - I'm just looking through I am watching your life You're watching mine too Can I join you for a - Circle on the ride They say you die of shame Not cold in the wild Is it true?

7. Evolucion Lyrics

Evolucion Lyrics

No te gusta nada de lo que hay aquí, buscas vida extraterrestre. En mi nave tengo sitio, vamonos, vamos a ninguna parte. Evolución, evolución. Desde que eras muy pequeñ

8. Weightless Lyrics

Weightless Lyrics

Outside just killing time and making noise And outside the daylight comes, the daylight goes and weightless Affairs that weigh less always make no stairways just stairs, goes no where Climbing from o

9. The Plan Lyrics

The Plan Lyrics

There's a way to drive, I see it once in a while I watch the tail lights and memorize I won't be too scared, I won't be too tired I'm becoming hard wired Feeling hazy, waking up inertia I'm having dr

10. Ice On The Wing Lyrics

Ice On The Wing Lyrics

I am made of Sopwith Camel Sherman PT-17, sixty and cloudy, I go slow Compared to modernity I am a humming bee Sweater-weather and Hugs and drugs and movies But baby ice Is growing on the wing Baby i

11. Happy Kid Lyrics

Happy Kid Lyrics

Drowning in my id Always searching like it's on junk No matter who i hang out with I can hear the clack clunk Of the chains that pull the cars up The roller coaster mountain top so high When it c

12. Inside Of Love Lyrics

Inside Of Love Lyrics

watching terrible tv it kills all thoughts Getting spacier than An astronaut Making out with people I hardly know or like I can't believe what i do Late at night I wanna know what it's like

13. The Fox Lyrics

The Fox Lyrics

The fox, the fox Lied Eyes under my prize The fox, the fox Lied Fox eyes under my prize We're in a different war With ourselves, and with some of you So many things that don't hold true W

14. See These Bones Lyrics

See These Bones Lyrics

Everyone's right and no one is sorry that's the start and the end of this story from the sharks and the jets to the call in the morning Everyone's right and no one is sorry That's

15. Stalemate Lyrics

Stalemate Lyrics

Stalemate, stalemate When do I jump out of the cake? Stalemate, stalemate When do we admit it's a fake? Stalemate, stale When do I jump out of the cake? I'm the nervous watcher And I watch Time to tu

16. Where Is My Mind? Lyrics

Where Is My Mind? Lyrics

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground You try this trick and spin it, your head will collapse But theres nothing in it, so, you ask yourself Where is my mind? Where is my mind? Where

17. Are You Lightning? Lyrics

Are You Lightning? Lyrics

And so we meet and there are sparks, Its gold it's new and free from sharks, Your house is big it seems so clean, Your cleaning lady comes and we're discreet. Are you lightning? 'Cause

18. The Way You Wear Your Head Lyrics

The Way You Wear Your Head Lyrics

Don't push me cause i'll fall in love With the way you wear your head Out in the corner You're glowing white I want to want you I need to need you I'd love to love you I want to wa

19. Blonde On Blonde Lyrics

Blonde On Blonde Lyrics

Cats and dogs are coming down 14th street is gonna drown Everyone else rushing round I've got blonde on blonde On my portable stereo It's a lullabye From a giant golden radio I've got n

20. Neither Heaven Nor Space Lyrics

Neither Heaven Nor Space Lyrics

So quiet It's neither heaven nor space, it's just high And the ring around the moon looks like light and love Neither of which I get enough of Down there Where alot of people lie, In a deep