Powerful Singing Tips for Men

Posted on January 8, 2016 By

Ambitious males who aspire to become singers or wish to take up singing seriously need to keep a few things in mind which have been listed below.

1. Find the right coach who suits your sensibilities and needs. Whether you want to learn a specific genre or just general singing basics, finding the right coach is the first and most important step to singing successfully.

2. Practice posture and breathing exercises together and regularly, these exercises help in strengthening your lungs and the correct posture helps in expanding the diaphragm easily without creating stress anywhere in the body.

3. Before every session or lesson remember to warm up and cool down always to protect your chords from straining or stress. Take regular breaks and hydrate yourself adequately to take care of your overall system.

4. Find out your vocal range, i.e. the highest and lowest notes you can comfortably sing without changing the quality of sound. This means no screaming, shrieking, going into falsetto, etc. but singing in your normal speech voice. Once you know your comfort zone, you can perfect it, whether you are good at tenor or baritone, perfect it and then you can learn other techniques and genres to mix and match your routine.

5. Learn to listen; singing just doesn’t involve singing itself but also listening. If you listen attentively, your ears will become attuned to catching notes in a manner that will help you in correcting your tones and notes automatically, also it will help you in identifying the notes just by listening to it.

6. Also take care to avoid smoking no matter how many people insist that it’ll give you a naturally bass-tinged voice. Smoking will only harm your vocal chords making your voice raspy and strained. Also, don’t drink too hot or too cold water, it too harms your throat and causes it to dry up. Avoid fried, fatty and oily foods as it is detrimental to your throat. Follow a disciplined lifestyle with a regular exercise regimen and a balanced diet to make full use of your musical talents.

7. Sing in a choir or musical group, it will allow you to practice, correct your notes and develop confidence by singing in front of an audience. The more you practice, the better you will get at singing. The phrase “practice makes perfect” is absolutely true so practice regularly to perfect your talent.

8. Remember, if you practice too hard, you might end up straining your throat, or if you catch an infection and end up with a sore throat, give it a rest. If you keep straining your chords when they are strained and sore, you can end up seriously damaging your chords in a way that may be irreparable.