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1. Bass Songs - SubWoofer Test - Big Bass

Bass Songs - SubWoofer Test - Big Bass

My New Sound :)

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2. Aey Quaid-e-Azam Tera Ehsan

Aey Quaid-e-Azam Tera Ehsan

Paying Gratitude to the Father of the Country, Hazrat Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

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6. Teri Wadi Wadi Ghumoon

Teri Wadi Wadi Ghumoon

A very Nice and one of the Classic National Songs for Pakistan. Makes you love the country unintentionally.

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8. Rangon Mein Khoya-Junoon

Rangon Mein Khoya-Junoon

A song by Junoon from their first album 'Junoon' released in 1991.

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9. National Anthem (Pakistan) New

National Anthem (Pakistan) New

New and remixed tune .

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12. Rehan Main Hun Hera

Rehan Main Hun Hera

Must listen with Handsfree

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13. Millat Ka Pasban Hai

Millat Ka Pasban Hai

Using Music to express the unparalleled and great personality of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

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14. Rehan Siddiqui PEE JAUN.mp4

Rehan Siddiqui PEE JAUN.mp4

My New Sound... :)

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15. Mere Paas Aaja by Junoon

Mere Paas Aaja by Junoon

Album 'Junoon' by Junoon Band released in 1991.

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17. MEMORIES - White Wizper

  • Published: 2013-09-14T10:56:36Z
MEMORIES - White Wizper

MEMORIES -WHITE WIZPER VERSE 1 Do u still remember when u were young, You didnt need to wake up b4 rise of the sun, U didnt hear "UR LATE!! GET UP SON" But instead u woke up by kiss of ur mom, It was fun,being loved night from getting other bed, Then breakfast jam butter and da bread, First wash ur face,brush ur teeth she said, But m colouring brown blue nd red, Back den it didnt matter you were last or first, But while running,u fall & Damn it hurt, Daddy picked u up,sit on shoulders & u were at the top, Then the icecreams,chocolates and the lollipops, You could be anything when you were young, Doctor,spacemen, jus imagination, The only job was bugging mom,cooking on the stove, Remember back then she was your only love. Chorus VERSE 2 Its the begenning,your first day at skool, It was the worst,but rest of them are cool. Its true!! u will soon get to know, And yea,2 plus 2 equals 4. Here u meet ur brothers from other mothers, And yea Momma did pack tiffin,its bread & butter, Get prepared for the world i can fight!! With Gods help,Victories near,Proud to be a NASRITE!! Happyness dint depend on how rich u are, It was simple like getting window seat of car, or at night how u grabbed hold of stars, Or dad teaching how to cycle nd u reached so far. Back then being hurt,wasnt a stab in the heart, But when u fell,wound,skin torn apart, To be relaxed, we didnt need cigerettes, Jus dads hug & our favourite Blankets. Chorus VERSE 3 Another kid sitting last bench of the class, Wizpering rhymes,Reminiscing the past, But these memories wont be the last, If u love someone,All u do is ask, Remembering these times,gives u pleasure, Keep them safe,cuz they are treasure, And to all the people going through the sorrow, Remember theres always a brighter tommorow. Just hug everyone u love,Praise the lord, Be thankful for everything that u got, Yesterday ur a kid,Tommorow ur a Dad, Watching the sunset,holding ur daughters hand, Thank u all for hearing this story, I hope u remember me as a good memory. Chorus END OF SONG

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  • Published: 2016-05-19T08:30:32Z

HOPE -WIZPERER Verse1 Remind you about the time that we first met, It was a couple of hours after sunset, You jus smiled & u took away my breath, You was the first girl who took my heart,need a med. Whether u liked me too,that i never bet, But i made u laugh & smile,All the things i said, I wanna do that all my life i wish i could, i wish i became a better man,than i would Take u to a place,where i will always care, Always love u princess,there wont be despair, But its sad...For you,i was just a memory, You were my life,Now i need a remedy. But i will finally stop cuz m letting go, its sad it was me u will never know, Maybe cuz i was last in the line, Or Maybe thats why they say that Love is Blind. Verse 2 But i HOPE one day that i do win, Also one day momma wears diamond earings, And i never have to hurt her feelings, Momma i have many faults,but u keep concealing, Being me sucks & i hate it when she taunts, But momma promise one day will be everything u want Even daddys gonna look at me and then smile, to see him proud, swear its really been a while. As i stand in the rain,everything will change, Brother n my sis love u,Always be the same, But i HOPE i wont always be the same, I remember always drived u insane, And to all of u friends in this life, Also Nasrites,also in afterlife, Life is rough but we gotta stay tough cuz theres always the ONE who loves u above. Also some Love u from another room, Praying and crying and dying for u, open ur eyes & u gotta look, Love them & keep them close,that u should. There were many things that i should have done, But i regret and again see the setting sun, Its Sad that u may never know the Truth, They Say Happy Endings are for Story Books... But i HOPE... END OF SONG

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19. 7 SINZ - White Wizper

  • Published: 2014-01-24T06:49:11Z
7 SINZ - White Wizper

7 SINZ Verse 1: The Devil & his henchmen are all the tym whispering, Being good is boring but the real fun is sinning, Ur at the top of the world but u r actually losing, Beg for mercy cuz the LORD is forgiving!! Adam took the apple jus cuz it was forbidden, dont trust the people cuz the evil is hidden, Jus a simple order,Prostrate but he didnt, The Fate of the devil is already written. Chorus X 2: Laugh with the sinners or cry with the saints, Read the holy scriptures or wipe the blood stains, Desires are many but just restrain, Damned Hell or Blessed Heaven,choose the best train. Verse 2: Let me tell you about an Ancient Story, The fiery jinn with lots of glory, He was the one given much respect, did u know the Angels prayers he had led, The most relegious in the skies seven, Also once the caretaker of the heaven, But one God's order and he made a snide reply, He disagreed,he had lots of pride. I M BETTER,M FIRE HE IS CLAY!!, AND NO!! I WONT PROSTRATE!! GET OUT!! Disgraced & Expelled. That was the end of Azazel. He is doomed & dammned to this day, Qayamat,punishment in hell awaits, Pride,arrogance,evil & he fell, Dont follow him or u will fall in hell. And lemme tell u da tale of 2 brothers, Jealousy made one kill the other, Murder is the greatest sin u should know, Or else,Lord makes fire of hell ur Abode. Chorus X 2: Laugh with the sinners or cry with the saints, Read the holy scriptures or wipe the blood stains, Desires are many but just restrain, Damned Hell or Blessed Heaven,choose the best train. Verse 3: Pretending to be like the angels in skies, But Blackening the hearts with all those lies, Speak the truth,Be the one whose wise, Stop acting like the demons in disguise, And to those people who are greedy, Remember gluttony will bring u misery, Money cant buy u all the good deeds! You High?? Cant reach heaven with that weed. Dont envy & stop thinking about the lust, Dont backstab & dont break their trust, Backbiting is like eating ur brothers meat, Hope ur vegetarian,Did u plant that seed. Outro: Hope the 7 Sinz were clearly defined, Hope everyone is protected mankind, To err is human,to forgive is divine, I love you,I am sorry,I mess up every time. END OF THE SONG

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20. LIFE - White Wizper

  • Published: 2014-09-28T07:26:37Z
LIFE - White Wizper

LIFE Mixed & Mastered by: Rebel Of KhanArtists Verse1: Eyes open journey starts from the womb, Life is the path and it ends at the tomb, Every single mouth wanna mouth a silver spoon, So that in the nighttime life shines like the moon, Sunlight like its noon,scents like a perfume, Countless lives that love u,very happy as a groom, World not at the doorstep but right inside ur room, Dreamtime pause....stop...Life resume ....(pause,beat sound)...I dunno what to do, Dad keeps shouting what da hell is wrong wit u, I gotta pay all of these bills that are due, Momma softly says come back home soon, But after this I still won't b done, Mom n dad think that I m still having fun, I am dealing with backstabbers with a mirror in my hand, See da image of a friend standing at the back, against the world won't go without a fight, All for the girl who doesn't trust me with her life, I jus want so much money lyk the letters in this stanza, But momma says "That's not the answer". Hook That's Life X 8 Interlude Verse2: Pride stepping on the poor,while looking at da ceiling, Is it ok to be winning while ur sinning, But they say its better den being of the loosers, They love Top Notch cuz beggars cant be choosers, Poor will always pay for the crimes of the rich, And there will always be a coverup story for it, Governments makes problems,They start killing more, Y dont they understand,pen is mightier then the sword, and as am writing these Raps like a lesson, All the good things come to an end then, We land in the same sand,same soil,same mud, Day of reckoning and we all rise above.Ya! Interlude outro END OF SONG

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