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1. Moments


recorded and produced by sacha katz when's the last time you smiled? i miss those lips curling in bliss. shallow pockets only tease, so when winter ends i'll try to bleed. asking favours of numb toes to take me to you, but they never will. casting shadows in the snow -- darkened snow angels -- callous and ripe. but these moments, they are bleeding. are you still leaving? but these moments, they are bleeding. am i still leaving? victims of seasons changed, we retire our teeth, our chapped lips, and our hearts. crawl under the bedsheets with me - i'll cry you a story, tempt me. if you promise to warm me - lie with me. i'm a lonely deerchild, kiss me.

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2. Rosepetal Girl

Rosepetal Girl

Produced by Vincent Magnet in summer 2016 in the house where we lived. My darling: As I watch you climb into the world, your smiling eyes glint with solemn joy; catching sunlight with your red-tip fingers -- I'll blow a kiss to see you catch it. Feeling skin rub on skin, I look up to your blinding smile. Rain won't keep us in tonight: we'll dry by morning light. My rosepetal girl, you're beautiful. Your heart weighs on me like led.

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3. Daisy


recorded and produced by sacha katz for fmc daisy all in white; daisy split the night, and i don't want to see you go, but i know: maybe i'll be fine, but baby you're divine. and i don't want to see you go, but i know: i'd be crazy to ask you to stay with me, but i won't forget you, or remember you wrong. you'll always be: lying in a sunlit pool -- eyes closed, but see-through. and i don't want to tell you now, but somehow i know we'll be back (i love daisy, not lilac). and i don't want to tell you now, but somehow: i dream we're running hand in hand through a range of rocks and wet sand. we're sinking -- me faster than you -- but you're pulling me up.

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4. I've Stopped Trying

I've Stopped Trying

trying out a new recording style maybe it'll be good? recorded by sacha, who also played the shaker not written from my perspective butI’ve Stopped Trying Grab myself a beer. I know it’s early, but I’ve stopped trying. Swallow it down quick; I’ll lie here till you’ve got a problem. Stay with me -- I could use the company. But you’re going home. It always seems to go like this. You say: “Where’s the friend that I grew up with?” Bored of everything I used to like, and I’ve stopped trying. Carry a photograph of us around, you couldn’t say that I’ve stopped caring about you. But you’re going home. It always seems to go like this. You say: “Where’s the friend that I grew up with?” Never sleeping; always in bed wondering what to say. I’m too nervous: shaking when I think of saying this: “We don’t talk now, you’re off somewhere being yourself. What am I now? Is this how I wanted it to be?” No.

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5. Ian Halprin

Ian Halprin

Rob Christie sits down with Canadian documentary filmmaker, writer, and investigative journalist Ian Halperin to talk about his latest film, Wish You Weren’t Here, a film that followed Roger Waters on tour…

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6. Tuesday Reviewsday: Paul McCartney, TLC, Bad Things and more — Oct 15, 2013

Tuesday Reviewsday: Paul McCartney, TLC, Bad Things and more — Oct 15, 2013

Chilli and T-Boz of TLC Stop By Music Choice's "You & A" on October 14, 2013 in New York City. ; Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Now it's time for Tuesday Reviewsday our weekly new music segment. Shirley Halperin, music editor of The Hollywood Reporter, and Chris Martins, senior writer with Spin Magazine join us today. Shirley's Picks Artist: Paul McCartneyAlbum: NewRelease Date: Oct. 15Songs: “New,” “Queenie Eye 1” At 71 years old, McCartney is not yet done blowing our minds. He’s still touring — playing both to his biggest and smallest crowds — and he’s still holding the public’s attention and fascination and he continues to put out “records” in the classic sense.  "New" is his 16th album as a solo artist yet it has moments that feel like they could have been written in 1972. Take, for instance, the Beatle-esque charm of the title track. That song was produced by Mark Ronson, who’s best known for his work with Amy Winehouse and for bringing back that retro-cool sound, which has been embraced by scores of pop artists, from Cee Lo Green to Bruno Mars.  The second track also sounds like a throwback: McCartney has explained that Queenie Eye is a Tag-like game that the neighborhood kids used to play. Paul Epworth, who worked on Adele’s "21," including “Rollin in the Deep,” produced that one and did a stellar job, but it’s the lyrics that fascinate me more. It’s almost like McCartney has to go that far back, to childhood, to find a relatable topic or some sense of normalcy. Because the last 50 years had no such thing.  Artist: Bad ThingsAlbum: Self-titledRelease Date: Oct. 29Songs: “Caught Inside” Confession: I took this disc home and had only skimmed over the promotional material. What stuck out: a rock band with “choirboy backing harmonies,” that Grantland had written a fawning, in-depth feature on the band after seeing them at Lollapalooza this summer, production by Rob Schnapf, who worked with Elliott Smith and the Vines and is based here in Silver Lake.  I listened to “Caught Inside” and it sounded good – anthemic, like a band raised on healthy helpings of Radiohead, Blur and Muse. Somehow I missed the part that said Shaun White, Olympic gold medalist for  skateboarding and snowboarding, plays lead guitar in the Bad Things. Cue: the judgment. And it’s really not fair. These guys made a radio-friendly album that nods to power pop and arena-era U2 and I can’t disparage anyone for doing that. Check out the song “Anybody” to get my drift. Shaun White’s dayjob is the half-pipe, but who says he can’t have a night shift? Classic overachiever. Chris's Picks Artist: TLCAlbum: 20 (best of compilation)Release Date: October 15Songs: "Meant to Be" ; J. Cole's "Crooked Smile" "Meant" is TLC's first new song since 2005 and is perfect TLC comfort food — an easy-to-love ballad with positive vibes. The group actually re-emerged on J. Cole's "Crooked Smile," a sweet song about body-image positivity. TLC emerged in the early '90s and were central to the R&B movement that's now being channeled back into the musical zeitgeist. Not just folks like Frank Ocean and Miguel, but that sound been embraced in dance-pop, with artists like Katy B, Jessie Ware, & others mixing that with house music. Artist: Luke Temple (of Here We Go Magic)Album: Good Mood FoolRelease Date: October 15Songs: "Florida" ; "Katie" Luke Temple is a NYC singer/songwriter/producer with David Byrne's restless art/pop ear. He rose to indie prominence with his group Here We Go Magic, who indeed owe to Talking Heads. His new work is very soulful, also very '80s indebted, with lush synth sounds and New Age ambience. What I like to call "Gallery Funk," a style I love that we're also hearing from artists like Ducktails, DIANA, Julia Holter, Nedelle Torrisi, and Destroyer, who kinda kicked it all off.

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