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1. I Got Work: Strikes Back - Sam Buros and Jessy Tennant

  • Published: 2011-04-15T00:22:35+00:00
  • Duration: 185
  • By Ryan Chadwick
I Got Work: Strikes Back - Sam Buros and Jessy Tennant

The third section of my second full-length DVD "I Got Work: Strikes Back". This features a split part by Sam Buros and Jessy Tennant Hard copies available through Sparkys Distribution! Filmed and Edited by Ryan Chadwick

2. I Got Work Strikes Back

  • Published: 2010-07-01T08:45:05+00:00
  • Duration: 116
  • By Ryan Chadwick
I Got Work Strikes Back

The sequel to the 2007 Kore Bikes video, "I Got Work". Featuring: Brandon Straub, Ryan Chadwick, Sam Buros, Jessy Tennant, Frank Parks, Spenser "Loofa" Lee, Nick Renoni, Joey Torres, Matt Nietschke, Tony Williams, Dustin Orem, Eric Bahlman, and more. Filmed and Edited by Ryan Chadwick Out by the end of July! Email for more info: [email protected]

3. Childhood - Blue Velvet

Childhood - Blue Velvet

Directors Candice-Joelle & Georgio Barber Producer Tom Tennant Editor Michael Jones DOP Benjamin Barber Focus Puller James Leckey 2nd AC Claudia Mallart Toupy DIT Sam Davis Gaffer Zik Udenze Production Assistant Emma King Production Assistant Theo Tennant Colourist Luke Raddy

4. Tru TV TVC - Featuring Conan O'Brien

  • Published: 2014-09-25T14:24:33+00:00
  • Duration: 77
  • By Adam Williams
Tru TV TVC - Featuring Conan O'Brien

Tru TV launch promo featuring Conan O'Brien. Director - Jack Tennant DOP - Clive Norman Camera 2 - Sam Vines Sound Recordist - Adam Williams Production Company - Turner Broadcasting System Europe Ltd. Filmed at Waterloo Film Studios 2014.

5. They Look Right Through You

  • Published: 2013-01-27T18:28:34+00:00
  • Duration: 545
  • By Tess Martin
They Look Right Through You

Whether cat people or dog people, we all think we have relationships with our pets. But do our pets feel the same way? Can we ever really know how our animals see us, or are our relationships with them ultimately a leap of faith? This marker-on-glass animated short uses interviews to explore the depth and limitations of human-pet relationships, and how we communicate, feel for and understand each other. A film by Tess Martin Music by Spencer Thun Color Correction by Charlie Daugherty Interviewees: Amanda Potter Brandon LaPrade Bye Craig Thompson Krizten Breiderich Susie Tennant Stephen and Linda Martin René Puanani Hirata Special thanks to Susie Tennant and Stephen Martin for sharing their stories Thank you for letting me into your animals' spaces: Julia Montagnet Amanda Potter Sarah Stuteville Sam & Sandra Sakura Louis and Georgia Watanabe Cassidy Dimon Marisa Vitiello and Tom Yoder This film was made possible by: 4Culture City of Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs Artist Trust I-Park Foundation Residency

6. Filipe Narciso feat Wayne Tennant - Follow Through {OFFICIAL VIDEO}

  • Published: 2013-08-15T11:59:28+00:00
  • Duration: 247
  • By Filipe Narciso
Filipe Narciso feat Wayne Tennant - Follow Through {OFFICIAL VIDEO}

Filipe Narciso feat Wayne Tennant - Follow Through {OFFICIAL VIDEO} Music Track : Follow Through (Radio Mix) produced by Filipe Narciso Vocals : Wayne Tennant Video Shot by : Annick Mf Gold Cameo Appearance by Sam I Am Video Edited by Filipe Narciso You can buy the track here:

7. Riverside

  • Published: 2012-09-13T21:58:39+00:00
  • Duration: 206
  • By Ali Paul

By Tom Tennant, Theo Tennant, Hannah Weedon & Ali Paul. Best Boys: Leticia Odgers & Sam Hatfield Music: Near Light - Olafur Arnalds

8. Sam's Music Video

  • Published: 2010-09-09T11:57:38+00:00
  • Duration: 163
  • By Jamie McDine
Sam's Music Video

Music video directed by Sam Tennant as part of the Creative and Media Diploma 'Extended Project'. I was brought in by Sam as a film mentor and to shoot the footage for his music video.

9. WS 2015: Service delivery in remote Australia — Dr Sam Goodwin

WS 2015: Service delivery in remote Australia — Dr Sam Goodwin

Healing in the centre Service delivery in remote Australia Presented by: Dr Sam Goodwin, Tennant Creek Hospital, NT Chair: Dr Hilary Tyler, Alice Springs Hospital, NT

10. Heinz Can Song

Heinz Can Song

To run alongside the latest campaign, I helped to create a ‘how to’ tutorial video for the brand’s ‘Can Song’ which plays with a rhythm produced using a Heinz Beanz tin. Agency Agency: BBH Producer: Vaia Ikonomou Creative Director: Tom Drew Creatives: Luke Norton Account Director: Suzanne Tennant Account Manager: Bella Bertolotti VFX & Design VFX & Design: The Mill Executive Producer: Reece Ewing Producer: Elena Pagliei, Rebecca Perry Creative Director: Kwok Fung Lam Motion Graphics: Diogo Pinheiro, Ambrogio Bergamaschi, Sam Blain Designer: Hilary Kennedy

11. The Art of the Clock Maker; Craftsman Bill Allonby

  • Published: 2014-10-02T10:44:56+00:00
  • Duration: 1221
  • By NWfilmarchive
The Art of the Clock Maker; Craftsman Bill Allonby

Film No. 5103 Title: OLD ENGLISH CRAFTS CAPTURED FOR POSTERITY; THE ART OF THE CLOCK MAKER; CRAFTSMAN BILL ALLONBY Producer: Sam Hanna Date: 1980 colour , sound (sep), 20 mins 18 secs The restoration of an eighteenth century clock focussing on the skills and tools of one clockmaker, Bill Allonby. The clock movement is shown being dismantled, the parts are cleaned and re-assembled. A fault is repaired using a hand lathe and the corrected movement is tested. The painted clock dial is examined and the film cuts to an artist's studio where a Mrs Tennant restores and repaints the clock face. The film ends with Allonby and the owner admiring the renovated grandfather clock in the owner's home.

12. Met League Ruislip 2011 Men's

  • Published: 2012-01-06T14:56:44+00:00
  • Duration: 2337
  • By Hillingdon AC
Met League Ruislip 2011 Men's

Men's Results 1 Neilson Hall* Herts P S 2 Glen Watts SB S 3 Ben Moreau AFD 4 Frank Baddick NEB S 5 Murray Strain High S 6 Andy Greenleaf* Serp S 7 Nicholas Torry Serp S 8 Sean Dixon High S 9 Chris Smith TVH S 10 Rory Chesser NEB S 11 Edward Shepherd Herts P U20 12 Hywel Care WG&EL S 13 Dave Mitchinson NEB S 14 Mohamud Aadan TVH S 15 Henry Dodwell High S 16 Orlando Edwards SB S 17 Ben Hope WG&EL S 18 Tom Philips WG&EL S 19 Hugh Torry Serp S 20 Daniel Agustus WG&EL S 21 Ryan McKinley High S 22 Ian Leitch Phoenix 23 Alex Cornwell WG&EL U20 24 Olly Laws NEB S 25 Jim Cooper* Met P S 26 Oli Heeks WG&EL S 27 Bertie Powell WG&EL S 28 Hendrik Zietsman Serp V40 29 James Drinkwater Bed & Co S 30 Tadhg Grant SB U20 31 Sean Renfer TVH S 32 Steve Brookes* Lon H S 33 Harold Wyber WG&EL S 34 Robert Thompson Hill S 35 Tom Aldred Lon H S 36 Kevin Murphy WG&EL S 37 Anthony Jackson* SMR S 38 Robert Wilson ESM S 39 James Trapmore SB S 40 Tom Beedell WG&EL S 41 Adam Villard SMR U20 42 Tom Crouch St Alb S 43 Omar Mansour WG&EL S 44 Bryn Reynolds NEB S 45 Duncan Burbidge High V40 46 Will Jones Serp S 47 Angus Holford WG&EL S 48 Sam Humphrey VPH&TH S 49 Matt Shone WG&EL S 50 Chris Panayiotou High S 51 Miguel Branco Serp S 52 Darren Southcott WG&EL U20 53 Daniel Thompson Hill S 54 Peter Townsend Herts P S 55 Tiago Branco Serp S 56 Andrew Orr Serp S 57 Jonathan Laybourn* High S 58 Matt McCabe ESM S 59 Carl Yates Hill U20 60 Olivier Le Polain Lon H S 61 John Frankilin Met P S 62 Dara Chesser NEB U20 63 Martin Bateman Hill S 64 Ebrima Noble Serp V40 65 Paul Adams St Alb S 66 Dave Morgan Serp S 67 Sam Blanshard Hill S 68 Tommy Bower NEB U20 69 Iain Campbell Met P V50 70 Edward Blake St Alb S 71 Andrew Lawrence* TVH S 72 Alex Horton Barn S 73 Wayne Bell NEB S 74 James Manley Hill S 75 Gary Bagnall VPH&TH V40 76 Paul Greaves Herts P V45 77 Karl Free Met P S 78 Martin Potter Lon H V40 79 Liam Blaikie WG&EL U20 80 Jonathon Scott St Alb S 81 Eric Phillips Serp S 82 Martin Gaunt Serp S 83 Jim Roche WG&EL S 84 Calum Martin Serp V45 85 Simon Nash Lon H S 86 Ben Waterman ESM U20 87 Michael Davidson Lon H S 88 Drew Lothian Serp S 89 Philip McCorquodale * TVH U20 90 John Flahive Lon H V45 91 Tony Lashmer VPH&TH S 92 Not Declared Lon H 93 Chris Hartley Lon H V45 94 Tom Christopher High S 95 Neil Cook VPH&TH S 96 Scott Farley Hill V40 97 Dan Madams Lon H S 98 Mat Clarkson WG&EL S 99 Andrew Reeves Serp V40 100 Alec Cloona Herts P U20 101 Shane Cullinan Lon FR S 102 Alex Galloway Lon H S 103 Archie Allen ESM U20 104 Mike Bridge GCR S 105 Not Declared TVH 106 Tony Pamphilon WG&EL V50 107 Gareth Cavell WG&EL V40 108 Steve Norris TVH V40 109 Mark Cameron ESM U20 110 Paul Lemmon Lon H V45 111 Matt Molloy WG&EL V40 112 Angelo John ESM S 113 Dave Desborough GCR V55 114 Andrew Taylor Serp S 115 Jamie Hogg Serp S 116 Barney Southin Serp S 117 Steve Elson ESM S 118 Tom Stevenson Lon H S 119 Richard Jenkin Hill V50 120 Pau Herrero Serp S 121 David Kail NEB U20 122 Will Forbes Serp S 123 Edward Campbell Hill S 124 James Taylor Barn S 125 Rob Cox WG&EL S 126 Chris Bailey High V45 127 Chris Ingram Hill S 128 Costa Michael Barn V45 129 Norman Mitchell Lon H V45 130 Mark Delahunty ESM S 131 Harry Gilham Herts P S 132 Matt Ponting TVH S 133 Kevin Darcy Serp S 134 Andy Holt GCR V45 135 Anthony Hall Lon H S 136 Casper Prestridge Serp S 137 Rob Walker High S 138 Ian Gordon Morn S 139 Simon Wilson Morn S 140 Manuel da Silva TVH S 141 Andy Robbins Serp S 142 James Gillanders Lon FR S 143 Jacob Howe Lon H S 144 Andy Owen Lon H V40 145 Charles Lescott Serp S 146 Steve Hirons Hill V45 147 Seb Zajaczkowski ESM U20 148 Tom Langley ESM S 149 Nicola Barberis Negra Serp S 150 John O'Shea High V45 151 Daire Brennan E&H S 152 James Edgar Serp S 153 Dan McKeown Lon H S 154 Eric Vamben Serp S 155 Gavin Evans Lon H V50 156 Joe Thompson Serp S 157 James Waterman Herts P U20 158 John Ockenden St Alb S 159 Henry Hughes TVH S 160 Gary Warren St Alb V40 161 Tim Nicholson Morn S 162 Joel Northcott Lon FR S 163 Tony Truepenny-Phillipson TVH S 164 Chris Fuller Met P V40 165 Daniel Rowe Hill S 166 Russell Casey GCR S 167 Robert Brown ESM V45 168 Alex Patton Morn S 169 Matthew Willis Hill S 170 Marc Henrion Morn S 171 Rhys Peters Met P S 172 John Blanchard ESM V50 173 Nigel Rowe Met P V45 174 Leigh Dooley Met P S 175 Simon Claridge Hill V50 176 Michael Hurford Morn V50 177 Dominic Jackson Lon H V45 178 Tony Harran* Met P V50 179 Gavin Edmonds Serp S 180 Tom Yates ESM S 181 Ben Cope Serp S 182 Trent Stallard Serp S 183 Rob Jackaman Met P S 184 Chris Chambers Lon FR V40 185 Calum Nicol TVH S 186 Brent Plump Serp S 187 Andrew Dodd ESM S 188 Jon Powell WG&EL S 189 David Newman Hill V50 190 Howard Gold Lon H V40 191 Richard Taylor Serp S 192 Ed Holland Lon FR S 193 Tony Killilea Lon H V45 194 Tom Purvis Lon H 195 Rodney Mushanganyisi VPH&TH S 196 Adam McArthur E&H S 197 Christophe Cayssials TVH V45 198 Jad El-Houssami NEB U20 199 Raoul Mansukhani Serp V40 200 Joe Dunn St Alb S 201 Costi Stavrianakis Lon H V40 202 Ben Smith Barn S 203 Rob Quantrell WG&EL S 204 Steve White Herts P V45 205 Princeton Akpojaro Met P V40 206 Peter Warburton Hill V50 207 Simon Doyle Herts P V50 208 Marcus Tillotson Lon H S 209 Simon Connell Hill S 210 Phil York ESM V45 211 Jim Zaple Herne H V50 212 Will Whitaker Lon H S 213 Danny Digweed St Alb S 214 Luke Pierre-Inkson Hill U20 215 Phil Hogg Lon H V40 216 Richard Bell TVH V45 217 Peter McDermott St Alb V45 218 Michael Stainton Serp V50 219 Jim Balcombe Met P V40 220 Simon Hazel Lon H 221 Chris Gibbons Lon FR S 222 Julian Williams Lon FR V40 223 Colin Braybrook St Alb V50 224 Dale Powell E&H S 225 Stephane Schneider Serp S 226 Mark Taplin St Alb V45 227 Kevin Lineham High V50 228 Stephen Meredith High S 229 Lennox Thompson NEB U20 230 Steve Livingstone GCR V50 231 Trevor Cummings SMR V45 232 Stuart Amblin Lon H V40 233 Steve Scruton High V50 234 Robin Tremaine Lon H V55 235 Sean Bowen GCR V45 236 Stella Moss E&H S 237 Mike Wilson TVH V50 238 John Lynch Morn V55 239 Jason Steel Hill S 240 Carl Heap Lon H V55 241 James O'Neill ESM V50 242 Dave Walton Lon H V50 243 Dick Jackson Met P V40 244 Phil McCubbins Serp V50 245 David Martin Hill V50 246 Akira Anzai-Jackson ESM U20 247 Justin Lock Serp S 248 Alistair Holford WG&EL V55 249 Mark Faughnan Herts P V50 250 Kevin Concannon* Met P V50 251 Ian Mawdesley Met P S 252 John Tennant Harl RC V60 253 David Micklewright Hill V45 254 Simon Brown Lon H S 255 Stuart Middleton St Alb S 256 Ian Birch ESM V55 257 John Bignell Hill V55 258 Mick Cairns VPH&TH V50 259 George Choat NEB S 260 Mike Eyre Serp S 261 Richard Hooley TVH V45 262 Jerry Bryan Barn V50 263 Bernie Barnaby GCR V50 264 Mike Ingram Hill V45 265 Paul Stockings WG&EL V50 266 Alun Evans WG&EL V50 267 Martin Mack WG&EL V45 268 Richard Bloom Herts P V65 269 Mike Carney Met P S 270 Martin Searle Hill V50 271 Lars Menken Serp S 272 Richard Somerset GCR V40 273 Colin Ewin GCR V45 274 Peter Fitzpatrick Herts P V55 275 Shane Pancherz Lon FR S 276 Andy Smith WG&EL S 277 Nigel Ealand Hill V50 278 Philip Cunningham SB V45 279 Andrew Malyan Hill V45 280 Stuart Mann Herts P V65 281 Mark Palmer Serp 282 Husu Kim Lon FR S 283 Glynn McDonald Lon FR V45 284 Steve Lambert WG&EL V45 285 Alex Malzer Serp V40 286 Gavin Kerr Lon FR S 287 Michael Murphy WG&EL S 288 Russell Weston Lon H V50 289 Peter Hill TVH V40 290 Martin Heidensohn Lon FR V40 291 Chris Violet Barn V45 292 Ted Hamilton Hill V60 293 Richard Foskett Herts P V55 294 John McKim ESM V45 295 Matthew Boyles SMR V40 296 John Myall Hill V60 297 Patrick Doyle Lon FR V40 298 Nick Stockman High S 299 Laurence Scheyvens Barn V40 300 Andrew Maher St Alb S 301 Tim Hawkes WG&EL S 302 Dan Nolan Hill V40 303 Michael Howard Hill V50 304 Liam Phair Met P S 305 Richard Hogg WG&EL V40 306 Ray Powell SB V45 307 Chris Lee ESM V50 308 Alan Butler Hill V45 309 Graham Pugh Harl RC V50 310 Paul Gatens GCR V45 311 Paul Rissmann Lon FR V40 312 Simon Maddison TVH V60 313 David Shortridge VPH&TH V40 314 Mark Bowen Lon FR V55 315 John Bartlett Hill S 316 Mick Smith GCR V60 317 Tom Spanyol WG&EL V50 318 Andrew Mansi Hill V60 319 Richard Collins Morn V55 320 Gladstone Thompson St Alb V45 321 Perry Gear GCR V45 322 John Owen Barn V65 323 Gary Homewood Morn V45 324 David Hinds Serp V60 325 Dave Byrne Barn V45 326 Aaron Padgham Morn S 327 Rob Clark Met P V45 328 Gary Smith Met P V50 329 Ken Townson Lon H V40 330 Mike Carden VPH&TH V50 331 Wayne Aylott GCR V45 332 Stuart Philips WG&EL V55 333 Rick Hole GCR V50 334 Jim Prowting GCR V65 335 Tony Shaw Hill V60 336 John Murphy Barn V40 337 John Brown Lon FR V40 338 Mervyn Gilham Herts P V55 339 Stephen Thompson Hill V50 340 Steve Allen Barn V55 341 John Luscombe Hill S 342 Russell Devitt SB V60 343 Paul Linnell Metros S 344 Trevor Powell WG&EL V60 345 Jim Davis Herts P V60 346 Martin Garrett* Serp V55 347 Frank Merrigan VPH&TH V50 348 David Cook Met P V45 349 Trace Allen GCR V65 350 Robert Gould Lon H V65 351 Timothy Hannah ESM V50 352 Rob Harding Met P V45 353 Doug Milsom Hill V70 354 Robert Howe Morn V65 355 Brian Feldman Hill V60 356 Dave Beasley Herts P V70 357 Michael Miller Hill V70 358 Tony Hamilton Barn V70 359 Steven Patterson Hill V60 360 Colin Phelps Hill S 361 Alan Wells Hill V45 362 Graham Wood Hill V55 363 Luke Hart St Alb S 364 Angus Kindley Herts P V70 365 Simon Bradshaw Herts P V65

13. Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation

Title: "The Land That Logic Forgot" Group project made for our art skill portfolio. Credits: Adam Tennant Cristian Notaro Elyse Gymer Jasmeet Dhatt Tom Oatley Music: "I was lost without you" - Sam Hulick - Mass Effects 3 OST

14. Modern Makers 2016

  • Published: 2017-04-25T15:31:17+00:00
  • Duration: 286
  • By Upland
Modern Makers 2016

Modern Makers is a project run by Upland CIC which enables young people from Dumfries & Galloway to learn craft skills from established makers. Between February - July 2016 six young people from D&G worked with Sam Booth (Echo Living) to design and build a bespoke bird hide for the Crook of Baldoon, a RSPB reserve near Wigtown. Film by Colin Tennant.

15. WS 2015: Provision of education in a remote region: EMET and tele-education — Dr Sam Goodwin

WS 2015: Provision of education in a remote region: EMET and tele-education — Dr Sam Goodwin

Healing in the centre Provision of education in a remote region: EMET and tele-education Presented by: Dr Sam Goodwin, Tennant Creek Hospital, NT Chair: Dr Stephen Gourley, Alice Springs Hospital, NT

16. richard ii act 3 scene 3

  • Published: 2017-01-27T07:27:17+00:00
  • Duration: 249
  • By Seph Mozes
richard ii act 3 scene 3

rsc production with david tennant as richard ii and sam marks as aumerle

17. Venetian Blind

  • Published: 2014-05-28T10:38:53+00:00
  • Duration: 1119
  • By Mark Tonkin
Venetian Blind

A short noir styled drama about a triple homicide, and the effect it has on young, delusional investigator, Lesley Mattock. Written / Directed by: Mark Tonkin Produced by: Chloe Tennant Edited by: George Walker Camera Operator: Sam Topche Sound: Lauren Truckell

19. Modern Makers 2016 (clip)

  • Published: 2017-02-06T15:50:28+00:00
  • Duration: 56
  • By Upland
Modern Makers 2016 (clip)

Modern Makers is a programme run by Upland for a small group of young people from Dumfries & Galloway to work with a professional maker to learn craft skills. During 2016 six young people worked with Sam Booth in his workshop near Castle Douglas. With over 30 years experience in interior, product and building design Sam has realised his ambition to develop beautiful, sustainable, small buildings through establishing Echo Living. For the first time the group worked collaboratively to design and build a structure which has been sited at the Crook of Baldoon, an RSPB reserve near Wigtown. This is a clip from a forthcoming film by Colin Tennant which documents the Modern Makers process. Modern Makers 2016 was supported by The Holywood Trust and CashBack for Communities through Creative Scotland's CashBack for Creativity Programme.

20. Feed the Gods - international trailer

Feed the Gods - international trailer

When slacker/aspiring filmmaker Will (Shawn Roberts, “Resident Evil: Afterlife”) and his well-to-do brother Kris (Tyler Johnston, "The Killing") track down their birth parents, Will sees the opportunity to get some closure, as well as maybe capture a heartwarming reunion on camera. With Kris’ fiancé Brit (Emily Tennant, “Jennifer’s Body”) in tow, the three of them head out to discover this long-lost family. What they are unprepared for though, is what exactly this cryptic small town has in store for them. Weird locals abound and rumors of a Bigfoot creature haunting the area at first seem silly… but things quickly escalate into a frantic, scary and action-packed nightmare with more than a few casualties along the way. Equal parts, Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson and “Cabin in the Woods,” “Feed the Gods” marks the second feature film from writer/director Braden Croft. His first picture, “Hemorrhage,” was hailed by VARIETY as “an auspicious debut… sure to achieve cult status” and E-FILM gave it ‘four stars,’ calling it “a compelling horror that puts the ‘psycho’ back in ‘psycho-killer.’” U.S. Release by XLrator Media - Fall 2014