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8. سيد راتب(1)

سيد راتب(1)

nothing at of , which is

12. محمود ياسين

محمود ياسين

nothing at of , which is

14. Week 11 NFL Analysis, Dave Archibald on TE Investment, Dan Syed on NE/BUF, Working Progressions

Week 11 NFL Analysis, Dave Archibald on TE Investment, Dan Syed on NE/BUF, Working Progressions

Inside the Pylon: The Podcast is back with a quick trip around Week 11 in the NFL. This past weekend saw several critical matches for division leaders that will have playoff implications in January. Hosts Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield are joined by Dave Archibald from Inside the Pylon and Dan Syed of to examine all of the key storylines from this week in the NFL. This week's features include: -Breaking down the key NFC North battle between the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings and what Green Bay win means for the state of this division in 2015 and beyond (2:22) -How the Arizona Cardinals were able to notch a win against the Cincinnati Bengals in a high-scoring affair that still showed Cincinnati's ability to bounce back after a tough game in Week 10 against the Houston Texans (7:19) -Dave discussing the latest in his series on draft capital and salary cap investment by NFL teams, this time focusing on the tight end position and recent trends across the league (10:33) -The Harry Stamper All-Go Offensive Play of the Week, featuring Carson Palmer's hookup with J.J. Nelson for a key score against the Bengals in Arizona's win (18:01) -Dan breaking down the matchup between New England and Buffalo, focusing on how the Patriots front seven was able to generate pressure through a variety of looks, as well as why the New England offensive line struggled at times against the Bills game plan (22:32) -The ITP Glossary term "Working Progressions" and how its usage can differ from team to team depending on the offense (29:12) -Chuck and Mark's Thanksgiving tips, including the best way to attack a meal, preferred dinner times, and helpful relatives to have around at the holidays (34:58) -Previewing important Week 12 matchup, including the Carolina Panthers at the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots at the Denver Broncos (40:44)

nothing at of , which is