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1. Varga Richárd - Fly

Varga Richárd  - Fly

nothing at of , which is



nothing at of , which is

3. Majesty & Rich Wakley - Clockwork (Toni Varga Remix) [Monotonik Records]

Majesty & Rich Wakley - Clockwork (Toni Varga Remix) [Monotonik Records]

We got duo of UK producers under 'Jack In The Box' release. That's Majesty - London based producer signed to VIVa Limited, ELRow Music, Younan Music, Resonance Records, co-working with Rich Wakley - the sound wizard from Leeds releasing on Suara, Incorrect, Lost Records, Toolroom. 'Jack In The Box' is very old school thing with excellent vocal cuts, heavy bass sounds and raw 909 drums line. Original idea is perfectly kept by Italian duo Di Chiara Brothers (Flashmob Records, Wow!, Deeperfect), whereas guys squeeze all the peaks out of the track to heavy and proper tech house banger. 2nd original track from EP, 'Clockwork', is the right percussive tool also accompanied with a remix from Spanish based but mostly on gigs' travels Toni Varga - the breakthrough producer from Elrow, AVOTRE, Material. This 'box' has a lot of groove for your sets, how can these missed? Watch out the label and artists for more quality, as usually.

nothing at of , which is

9. James Varga aka Phantoml0rd

James Varga aka Phantoml0rd

Media Analysis/Media Strategy Presentation For Full Sail University Week 3 Task 2

nothing at of , which is

12. 13baghdad


nothing at of , which is

13. Mark Rodriguez, Arkestar, DisMissedFit, TreeZ, Russ & the Couch King - The 3rd Eye Shine

Mark Rodriguez, Arkestar, DisMissedFit, TreeZ, Russ & the Couch King - The 3rd Eye Shine

Much love to my wife who is the source of so much of my lyrical creativity, she rocks that 3rd Eye Shine!!! Huge shout out to Mark Rodriguez for kicking off and inspiring this track with his super soulful production work. Big thanks to Arkestar for surprising me his remix which inspired the overall concept behind this track. And thanks to DisMissedfit and Treez of the 505 for their sick AF vocal contributions, love it! Much gratitude to all for allowing me to take your pieces and get creative wit it! And of course, massive thanks to Russell Sinfield for all the many many hours mixing and mastering this track and putting up with all my requests!!! Big ups! Mark Rodriguez: Guitars, Bass, and Production on the original 3rd eye shine Arkestar: Horns, Synth, and Production on da remix DisMissedFit: Lyrics and Vocals TreeZ of the 505: Lyrics and Vocals Couch King: Lyrics, Vocals, Arrangement, and Production Russell Sinfield: Arrangement, Production, Mixing and Mastering Wizardshoes / Ill Dub: Art Work @ill-dub-productions @wizardshoes Lyrics: Couch King I see you fawning over our fern in the morning you make her feel like a queen I see the early light dawning on you and your warming my heart let’s sage each other and get real clean I feel you meditating in our bed in the evening gotta take time for the divine I feel the evening light setting on our day what a blessing you are let’s get high and open up our mind time to open up our mind it’s the third eye shine it’s the third eye shine time to open up our mind Let the third eye shine I wake up early in the morn and turn the fireplace on To warm my soul before I roll Honor my life and feel whole With time to be in the present of The moment Meet the sacred Take a breath Get awakened We don’t need no green to get faded let go of being frustrated and feel elated I scroll through my gratefuls let go of my hatefuls Let love in I am faithful and see that I have a plateful I thank God for this abundance as I take my first glance at you for the day we often get for what we pray and we often deep down mean what don’t say you bless my life everyday in ways that I don’t even realize so I take this time to try and open up all my eyes and take count before the sunrise to recognize Treez of the 505 Posativity, Flowin through my inner me Leaking out my fingertips,I'm glowing with this energy Got it from my centering,sitting in the chi ring I see things, dream things, i am being (Huah) Power from the inner self, strong will, good health Worry not about the wealth, good work always sell Keep your mind fresh, never bet on a wishing well Never take a left when you think you gonna fail Blessings in abundance,I'm third eye struttin So much passion, really somthin,like a light show 'bove me Rocket blastin to the stars cuz we talkin to the universe Love reach far, ain't no limitaton finna quierrl Be a pearl in the light Be a beautiful wit your shine Go girls and guys get down on the third eye shine

nothing at of , which is