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1. Walk the future

  • Published: 2009-10-23T08:59:29+00:00
  • Duration: 31
  • By Marco Mucig
Walk the future

Produced by: Mercurio Film Agency: Leo Burnett Director: Marco Mucig Director of Photography: Esposito & Chiarello Music: The Dodos Per Leo Burnett hanno lavorato al progetto creativo Barbara Volpini e Emanuele Viora con la direzione di Sergio Rodriguez.

2. SKIN GRAPH: The Future Walk in Closet

SKIN GRAPH: The Future Walk in Closet

Like skin the essence of time is recorded, a second skin is generated as a representation of one self. Both the physical and the emotional factors of their personality are inscribed into material. Through this process, Skin Graph allows the individual to take control in creating their bespoke contour pattern, through articulation and expression of their desired body movements. The movement of our bodies are articulated through both space and time, the body becomes a landscape in which each contour defines the extension of our physicality, a presence extending beyond the depth of our immediate skin; the second skin can displace and resonate a mapping of memory and potentiality. Through Skin Graph we aim to utilise multiple disciplines; architectural design, 3D digital design and laser cutting together with the human form. Through this process we seek to question contemporary fashion design by developing a system as a digital representation of the body, allowing the individual to form a bespoke garment. Each human form is unique, for there are no two identical individuals, this forms the foundation of my process; making each bespoke pattern and laser cut design specific to the human at the centre of my fashion methodology. While an artist paints the female form, capturing every detail in fluid brush strokes, we draw directly on to the bodies contours using light and technology, tracing the body’s landscape and defining each line and form with distinctive pattern as a projected greyscale topography. Through the use of Parametric modelling, the topography displacement map is read, the bodies contour lines created and the skin relief exemplified then laser cut to form the second skin. 3D SCANNING + PARAMETRIC MODELLING + LASER CUTTING Collabration Laura Michaels (Ma) with Karl Kjelstrup-Johnson (AA dipl)

3. Rafaël Rozendaal: Thank You Very Much @ The Future Gallery - Walk Thru

  • Published: 2010-10-10T16:59:58+00:00
  • Duration: 126
  • By Mike Ruiz
Rafaël Rozendaal: Thank You Very Much @ The Future Gallery - Walk Thru

The Future Gallery is pleased to present Thank You Very Much, a solo exhibition of new and recent work by Dutch-Brazilian artist Rafaël Rozendaal. This exhibition marks the artist's first solo show at The Future Gallery. Since 2001, Rozendaal has been gracing the Internet with his spectacular URLs, using the web as a perfect environment for his interactive constructions. He has compiled an impressive oeuvre of challenging animations using only the bare minimum in form to create a focused and distilled version of reality. “My aesthetic is not a stylistic choice, it is a theoretical choice, to reduce, to reconstruct reality into a universal language, and to optimize it for the infrastructure that is the Internet.” Although his work is seemingly simple in character the intricacy and imagination embedded within his animated worlds forces the viewer to linger and attempt to decipher these provided, often unintuitive, Internet situations. His fluctuating websites reference the feeling of modernist paintings and golden age animated cartoons. He implements a distinct palette of colors into his work, making the discoverable layers and textures in his digital creations both painterly and playful like a purgatory between Mondrian and Tom & Jerry. Thank You Very Much focuses on the use of color in Rozendaal’s works, concentrating specifically on their interchangeability. The exhibition features two recent works and premieres an ambitious new piece. Visitors are invited to interact with the work. Rafaël Rozendaal (b. 1980) was born and raised in the Netherlands but has lived and held exhibitions all over the world. Los Angeles, Barcelona, Tokyo and London amongst others. He creates websites as art pieces and sells their domains as collectibles. Artist’s website:

4. Future Islands - Walking Through That Door

Future Islands - Walking Through That Door

Album available for purchase: Facebook: Video by Kymia Nawabi

5. "Anna's Walk" - our Canon 70D tests and what the future may hold

Canon's got it right....again. Focusing while filming is effortless, precise and reliable. We put the 70D through the paces and the Dual Pixel CMOS AF passed impressively - from tracking focus on Anna Easteden, star of our CineBootCamps films, walking toward us in a dimly lit restaurant to focusing instantly in hand-held tests using the EF 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II USM. We compared it to the 60D in resolution and "graininess" tests as well. See for yourself in this Dual Pixel Auto Focus is a giant step forward and it's filling our CineBootCamps with 70D filmmakers learning to make their movie. We're holding our breath for the Canon announcement that they've got the Dual Pixel CMOS AF sensor ready for the the 5D Mark IV (?) or just a $700 upgrade to the Mark III? Back in 2008, Canon opened the door to thousands of new filmmakers with the release of the Canon 5D Mark II and now the 70D camera opens the door to thousands more who can now just shoot their movie instead of buying $3,000. worth of gear so they can focus smoothly during filming. Thanks to Genaro Arroyo, Canon Product Specialist, for loaning us the camera and the engineers at Canon for another game-changing breakthrough. Next they'll announce software that tells you your shot is badly lit, i.e. "ALERT. This is not how Roger Deakins would light this scene. Move camera left or right so the light will wrap around the subject."

6. You Cannot Walk Backward into the Future

  • Published: 2014-10-16T17:13:29+00:00
  • Duration: 65
  • By Aysha

7. Skillshare Class - Simple Character Animation

  • Published: 2014-02-04T15:48:44+00:00
  • Duration: 25
  • By Cub Studio
Skillshare Class - Simple Character Animation

Sign up here to join the class: Bring simple characters to life! Animation is the future of design and an important next step in expanding your design skill set. In this class, I'll walk you through a simple process where you'll learn to build and rig a simple character for animation and share it as a gif!

8. Skillshare Class - Simple Character Lip Sync

  • Published: 2014-04-04T06:42:23+00:00
  • Duration: 40
  • By Cub Studio
Skillshare Class - Simple Character Lip Sync

Bring simple characters to life! Animation is the future of design and an important next step in expanding your design skill set. In this class, I'll walk you through a simple process where you'll learn to build and rig a simple character mouth for lip sync animation and share it online. Sign up here;

9. A Bionic Future | Maris Curran

A Bionic Future | Maris Curran

A BIONIC FUTURE is a Semifinalist in the $200,000 GE FOCUS FORWARD Filmmaker Competition. View more Semifinalist films at A BIONIC FUTURE looks at incredible advances in bionic technology that have enabled paraplegics to walk. A film by Maris Curran Cinematography: Wynn Padula Additional camera: Mike Epple Edited: Julie Caskey Sound recordist: Greg Miller, Lincoln Terhark Sound mix: Jeremiah Moore Colorist: Gary Coates Gaffer: Mike Van Dine Grip: Walter Kotkowski, John Murphy

10. Ryan Singer at Future of Web Apps, London 2010

  • Published: 2010-10-12T14:31:10+00:00
  • Duration: 2050
  • By Ryan Singer
Ryan Singer at Future of Web Apps, London 2010

Here's a talk I gave at Future of Web Apps 2010 in London. In this talk, I walk through the steps of creating a web app including modeling, sketching, HTML, Photoshop explorations, and moving from static mockups to live running code. Each step is illustrated with a real example, including some live sketching and live HTML. I also wanted to give a sense of how we think about apps at 37signals, as a stack of different levels that we can iterate on individually.

11. Discovery Brand Spot

  • Published: 2016-12-30T22:30:46+00:00
  • Duration: 90
  • By Samuel Dunn
Discovery Brand Spot

What could you do to make your world bigger? Join us at Discovery and together we will climb the peaks of Everest, walk the African plains, hunt for gold and journey into the future. Motion Design by Samuel Dunn. Directed by Ceri Payne.

12. World War T(eapot)

World War T(eapot)

I'm working on a Crowd Tool Operator for pflow using ADM / BOX3. I thought I'd have fun with some of the functionality thus far. They include: Random Walk Chase Objects Attractors Self Collisions Surface Follow Orientation by Speed. Piling Ability Ability to plug and play with MassFx/Physx. Future Functionality could include: Orienting first before a walk or run. Edge Detection. Flow Map support. Animated Event Triggers. External locomotion system for Characters.

13. Future Archive - Walk of Shame

Future Archive - Walk of Shame

Teaser Fashion video for Miguel Domingos' Photography Book Series project "Future Archive". Future archive page :: Model :: Harriet Verney Assistant director/Editor :: Olympia Kappou Photographer :: Miguel Domingos Creative Director / Casting :: My Name is Kabir Set Designer :: Miguel Bento

14. Building Futures- When I Walk

  • Published: 2010-08-13T20:31:05+00:00
  • Duration: 124
  • By Good Eye Video
Building Futures- When I Walk

What do Kenyan kids think about on their way to school? We used that question to explore the longing of kids in Kenya to get a good education. This video was created for Building Futures with the help of a beautiful and mischievous group of students from Mbaka Oromo Primary school. To learn more about the work of Building Futures throughout western Kenya, please visit:

15. PBS Grand Conference 2017 - Main Titles

  • Published: 2017-03-31T12:41:54+00:00
  • Duration: 110
  • By Check it Out!
PBS Grand Conference 2017 - Main Titles

Main Titles for the opening of Porto Business School Grand Conference 2017. Inspired by cosmos, space and galaxies (which were the concept basis for this year's edition), we developed this work based on briefed keywords such as "boldness", "ambition", "future" and "unknown". Client: Porto Business School Production Agency: Walk - Brand Consultants Direction & Design: Check It Out! Music Composition & Sound Design: Tambourine Sound Design Audio Post-Production: Torpedo Studios 

16. Self-Folding Robots

  • Published: 2014-07-29T17:47:50+00:00
  • Duration: 152
  • By Wyss Institute
Self-Folding Robots

Wyss Institute Core Faculty member Rob Wood, who is also the Charles River Professor of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), and SEAS Ph.D. student Sam Felton discuss their landmark achievement in robotics – getting a robot to assemble itself and walk away autonomously – as well as their vision for the future of robots that can be manufactured easily and inexpensively. More information:

17. Year Zero Egypt

  • Published: 2015-07-19T19:58:33+00:00
  • Duration: 286
  • By Νeftali
Year Zero Egypt

Humanity enters 500 years of darkness, only the chosen walk the earth. A film about natural phenomenon, hope, future, rebirth and spiritual beings. Filmed and edited during my 30 day visit to Cairo. Gear used - Panasonic GH4 & Hero 3,4 Locations - Black & White Desert, Cairo, Islamic Streets, Mohammed Ali Citadel, Pyramids of Giza ( Sandstorm ) Written, Directed, SoundMixed, Edited & Color Graded by - Neftali Special Thanks to: Mia, Shady, Darwish & Zach - as my cast & crew. Thank you for everything!

18. Gotye- Eyes Wide Open- official film clip

  • Published: 2010-10-22T03:36:35+00:00
  • Duration: 198
  • By Gotye
Gotye- Eyes Wide Open- official film clip

Film clip for the Gotye song Eyes Wide Open, directed by Brendan Cook at PictureDRIFT, featuring character design and animation by Darcy Prendergast at DeePee Studios, and design and animation by Jeremy Bianco, Darryn Rogers and Brendan Cook. Taken from the new album Making Mirrors Buy Making Mirrors here Full credits: Production Company: pictureDRIFT Director: Brendan Cook Character Design & Animation: Darcy Prendergast 3D Design & Animation: Jeremy Bianco 2D Design and Compositing: Jeremy Bianco Brendan Cook Darryn Rogers Timelapse Photography: Enrique Pacheco Nick Reygaert Brendan Cook Darryn Rogers Cinematography: David Wakeley Enrique Pacheco Special Effects Makeup: Rachelle O'Donnell Music credits: Produced by Wally De Backer Additional production by Francois Tetaz Mixed by Francois Tetaz, Assisted by Andy Stewart and Wally at The Mill, Gippsland, VIC Drums recorded by Francois Tetaz at Soundpark Studios, Northcote, VIC Cellos and bass recorded by Francois Tetaz at Moose Mastering, Richmond, VIC Pedal steel guitar recorded by Lachlan Carrick in the loungeroom of Matt Walker's house, Upwey, VIC The Winton Musical Fence (designed and constructed by Graeme Leak) recorded by Wally, Winton, QLD All other sounds collected, manipulated or recorded by Wally in The Barn, Merricks, VIC Performers: Whale Cellos: Gareth Skinner Poker Bass: Lucas Taranto Wasteland pedal steel guitar: Michael Hubbard Drums, Winton Musical Fence, sampled sounds, lead and backing vocals: Wally Mastered by William Bowden at King Willy Sound, Stanmore, NSW ***************************** So this is the end of the story Everything we had, everything we did Is buried in dust And this dust is all that’s left of us But only a few ever worried Though the signs were clear, they had no idea You just get used to living in fear Or give up When you can’t even picture your future We walk the plank with our eyes wide open… Some people offered up answers We made out like we heard, but they were only words They didn’t add up To a change in the way we were living And the saddest thing- Is all of it could have been avoided But it was like to stop consuming is to stop being human And why would I make a change if you won’t We’re all in the same boat, staying afloat For the moment And we walk the plank with our eyes wide open, we.. Walk the plank with our eyes wide open With our eyes wide open we... Walk the plank, we walk the plank And that was the end of the story

19. Augmented Billboards 2: The Artvertiser @ Transmediale 2010

  • Published: 2010-02-08T12:15:05+00:00
  • Duration: 196
  • By Julian Oliver
Augmented Billboards 2: The Artvertiser @ Transmediale 2010

Here is documentation of the street exhibition we did for Transmediale 2010 as part of the Future Obscura exhibition. It was the first successful trial of The Artvertiser digital binoculars (aka 'Billboard Interception Unit' v1). We had a huge number of advert substitutions submitted to us for the exhibition; just a few are documented here. Around 30 people joined us on the art walk and many thousand people saw this documentation in the exhibition hall itself. Thanks to all the artists that contributed work!

20. Simple Spider Crowd Tools with tP4

  • Published: 2012-12-29T19:40:30+00:00
  • Duration: 14
  • By Hammer Chen
Simple Spider Crowd Tools with tP4

Learning crowd system with thinkingParticles. With this tP tools, you can select any geometry, specify number of spiders to be generate. The spiders will walk on any surface. The setup was very simple. There are 1)no Particle repulsion 2)no collision detection 3)and only have single walkcycle no other states ie: idle, attack... 4)can't change walkcycle play speed according to particle speed. I will add those features in the future ; )