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1. Waves Sound Design Competition - Thomas Bartschi

Waves Sound Design Competition - Thomas Bartschi

Sound Design: Thomas Bartschi Goal: To create a sound design that tells it's own story by using only the sounds provided. The audience should be able to relate to the story without watching the visuals. I have been focusing on building contrast, "tension and realease" and overall arrangement/build-up. Also, having limited myself to working 8 hours with this piece certainly helped in creating a sense of momentum. Waves plugins made it a fun and creative ride and assisted me in making quick decisions. It all boils down to how create you can be within a given timeframe. Waves delivers with this plugin package. DAW used: Ableton Live Plugins used: Waves.... Mondomod - For width and chorus Metaflanger - Flanger on "engine sounds" in beginning + endtro sfx H-delay - various delay efx (presets: Long distance + efx-preset for creating "tinitus sfx" on initial car-crash) H-comp - compression on drums (phat kick preset) RenEQ - General eq'ing and filtersweeps (automating the cutoff freq.) Doubler - For general width on various sfx Doppler - For flyby's effects on car-crash pieces Linear Pahse EQ - Mainly as master EQ Q10 - General eq'ing SuperTap - For delays on speaker "go..go..go" and "hearbeat - ending" SoundShifter Pitch - Mainly used for pitchshifting (down) the synth sounds from the "Morphoder" Rbass - For bottom on weaker sounds (espcially on morphoder bass sound) LoAir - Lowend/meat for woosh sounds in car crash sequence C4 - Final mÌx comping the highs and lows GTR Stomp 2 - For distortion fx's on camera blitz sounds when entering car-crash sequence. Morphoder - For synth sounds (Saw-bass, Trancey synths etc.) Enigma - For special FX's in car-crash sequence (wirly vocodies and more) L1 - Final mix limiting Ableton..... Impulse - For the creation of drum sounds and EFX - Kickdrum sound is a piece of "MetalimpacktScrape PE1054307" with C4 processing Beat Repeat - For glitch-type efx EQ Eight - Basic eq duties Reverb - Large reverbs for car-crash sequence Saturator - Dirt Overdrive - More dirt :) Ableton's timestretching tool for overall manipulating of provided sounds NB: If the judges find my work interesting - I will provide a video - showcasing in detail how I created the project and utilized the waves plugins. Thanks for listening! All best, Thomas Bartschi [email protected] Denmark